Toddler update 🍁

Thought I would write a little toddler update post as I havnt posted in a while. 

She’s growing up every day too quickly! She’s getting so smart and starting to know her own mind…. basically does what she wants and ignores me and her dad when we tell her no 🤦🏻‍♀️ she’s 2 in just over a month but nobody told me terrible two’s starts way before that!!! 

Obviously having a toddler isn’t always fun and games but as much as she’s becoming a diva she’s also becoming such a loving, caring little girl. She always comes up to us and gives us random kisses. She always shares her food with us and hugs our legs it’s so adorable. We have a few babies around us at the moment as my friends have recently had children and watching Ava with them warms my heart so much. She’s so caring and gentle with them she’s definitely a mothering baby! Her favourite toy is her dolly she always pretends to take care of them so for her birthday we have bought her lots of doll accecories like a doll bed, bath and changing bag which she will love. 

Works been a bit crazy busy lately, I’ve started helping out within other departments as well which I’m really excited about, as much as everything I do now is to build an amazing future for my daughter I am also doing it for myself, I am still trying to find a balance between building a career for myself and being at home and with my child. I think I am doing okay so far, I want to be a working mother I always want Ava to grow up seeing her parents working hard so she follows that as she grows up. We have also recently looked at a nursery for her to go to one day a week, her speech is coming along slowly we think she will really benefit from being with other children and also make some friends! It’s a scary thing but I know it will be really good for her! 

We have recently had a extremely hot couple of days here in England… as much as I hate summer it’s been nice to get her out and about exploring in this weather. I do like being able to go out places and not have to do things inside because the weather is usually not so great so that has been really fun… although I am counting down the days until autumn 🍂🍁🎃

Her birthday is fast approaching, I am really looking forward to making all her cakes and getting organised, it will be nice this year to see her get more excited about all her presents although she will probably enjoy all the balloons more! I can’t believe my baby is turning 2 I feel like I’ve just blinked and these last 2 years have just flown by. 

This weekend I am having my first weekend away from her as it’s one of my best friends birthdays… as much as I can’t wait to have some time with my friends ‘mommy time’ I am still going to have to go and see Ava before the evening celebrations as I just feel so guilty if I have a whole day without her! She will be with my dad and having a sleepover with my nan in the evening though so I know she will have a good time. I am very excited to let my hair down as the last night out that I was meant to have for my birthday I had to miss because Ava was poorly! 

I’ll be doing a blog very soon on all my birthday prep for Ava so keep a look out

Also check out my new YouTube channel which I will be updating whenever I get a chance

Love love love ❤️🌻🌿🐻🦌🎃🍂🍁 

2nd birthday preparations 

So my baby girl is turning 2 in 2 months, I actually can’t believe it. How can she be growing up so quickly? I’ve blinked and she’s gone from a baby to a little girl in a second. It makes me so so sad but so proud at the same time. These years are going way too quickly! 

I’ve been planning what type of birthday to have for her this year for a long time, last year I went for a princess/lion king theme party as of course she is our little princess and also throughout my pregnancy she was always known as my little lion cub 💕 this year I am going for a woodland princess theme. Like I write in most of my blogs I am obsessed with anything rustic, woodland or bohemian and I thought this would be a pretty theme for her birthday this year 

I will be making all the cakes for the party, all woodland themed! There will be plenty of rustic style snacks like ‘twigs’ ‘deer droppings’ and some unicorn cookies 🦄 I am really excited to get things made for it! 

I’ve had a hard time deciding on what presents to buy her as she’s still not at the age where she really wants or needs anything. I finally decided I wanted her to have a teepee for her bedroom, I am going to fill it with lots of pillows and a nice blanket and decorate it with pretty fairy lights and autumn leave garlands. I also wanted her to have a children’s table and chair because I think she will love sitting at it eating her breakfast and colouring, I found a pretty fairy themed one so she will be having that. I have also bought her packs of dinasours and cars as she seems to like both of these! And I will probably get her something peppa pig and Ben and holly themed as these are the 2 shows she is obsessed with! 

I am looking forward to her party, as her birthday is on the Sunday this year I have decided to have her party on the Saturday and on the Sunday take her to our local farm so she can have fun seeing all the animals! I always want to do something fun for her birthday so when she is older we can look through the photos and I can tell her all the stories of her birthdays. I am looking forward for all my family and friends to come together and celebrate for her it makes me so happy seeing how many people she has that adore her 💕 and this year we have lots of babies coming as a few of my friends are now mothers so that is so exciting 💙 

Here is to so many more amazing birthdays for you my beautiful woodland princess 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

Ava Georgina Scott 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

My nearly 2 year old 

I really cannot believe my little girl is going to be 2 in 3 months! Time has absolutely flown by, I feel like it was 5 minutes ago I was giving birth to her! Time goes way too quickly when you have children, everyone always tells me to cherish every moment and they are completely right because they are literally only babies for a second 

She has definitely developed a strong personality of her own, she’s going to give me a run for my money as she gets older! Complete mini me…. DIVA. If she doesn’t want to do something she will make it very clear to you, she knows her own mind already!

Although she does her her tantrums and has moments when she’s slightly devilish she’s also the sweetest, happiest little girl you’ll ever meet, she absolutely melts my heart sometimes she just grabs my face if I’m not looking at her and kisses me! I can’t even explain how much my heart melts when she does that. I love taking her out to the park and to feed the ducks she loves chucking the feed to them and watch them all swim to her, watching her get excited and enjoy exploring the outdoors is amazing I am beyond proud that she my baby girl 

She eats loads of different foods, getting slightly more fussy than she was before always has days where she barely eats and days when she eats everything in sight… at the moment she has a thing for stealing dry pasta to eat out of the cupboard! She’s talking slowly she says ‘shoe’ ‘no’ ‘dadda’ and ‘hiya’ she can say mama but chooses not to and calls me by my real name instead! 

She sleeps through the night… every now and again we will have a iffy night but 9 times out of 10 she sleeps through. Last few nights she’s taken a long time to actually fall asleep you can hear on through the monitor playing in her cot for ages before she eventually falls asleep! But I’m glad she’s learnt how to get herself to sleep now 

She loves being around my friends children she gets so excited, she’s so gentle with the babies it’s amazing to watch her I cannot wait to give her a sibling one day and watch her become an amazing big sister! We have just celebrated another one of my friends baby shower and are now on the 3 weeks countdown for her baby boy to arrive.. another boy for Ava to boss around! We are all very excited for the new arrival and we have just welcomes another baby boy into the family so she is going to grow up surrounded by boys! I’ve always said I hope I have a boy next time but now I know I will be so happy for another girl so she has a sister to play with as well as all the boys! 

Her second birthday is in full motion planning wise.. it’s a woodland princess theme! I am obsessed with anything woodland/rustic so I’ve gone down that road for this years party…. I’m also obsessed with anything bohemian so I might keep that idea for birthday number 3! Yes I’m a weird control planning freak! I am excited to get all her gifts sorted (of course I have no idea what to buy because she has everything) but I am excited to watch her open her own presents this year and hopefully be a lot more talkative!!! 

I’m not going to pretend it’s the easiest job in the world and I’m the perfect mother because there is definitely times when she is playing up that I want to just scream and lock myself in a quiet room for a minute but then she will come up to me with her cheeky smile that she does when she knows she’s been naughty and hug my leg and of course she has me wrapped around her little finger and she manages to make me forget all about her being naughty!! As much as I would do anything to turn the clock back and have her a tiny baby again I am so excited to watch her grow and learn to talk more so she then understands what I mean when I say NO AVA! 

My little baby bear 🌻🌻🌻🌻

I havnt got time to go through this blog and correct spelling mistakes as she is currently crying upstairs and won’t go to sleep…. time to go and get her to sleep as it’s 3 hours past her bedtime!!!!! Mom life ay…… 

Life idols 

So this post I’m going to talk about 3 woman that for me are big inspirations/heros in my life, and woman I admire and look up to. 

The first one is Brie Bella. 🌻

I have followed her for so long, I love wrestling and the Bella Twins have always been my number ones. Brie is someone who I definitely aspire to be like, her style first of all is something that I love she’s a real bohemian queen and that’s something I am a little obsessed with. I love her home style also she’s very farmhouse, rustic loving and so am I. I just think she’s such a strong, independent woman and watching her go through her pregnancy just inspires me to be more like her. My next pregnancy I hope to enjoy it as much as she has with hers. She makes me want to feel more confident about my style and makes me want to concentrate on myself more like living a more healthy lifestyle and being more adventurous with my family! I really am slightly obsessed with her. Love love love. ❤️

The second is Chelsea Houska 🦌

I’ve followed her on 16 & pregnant and teen mom 2 since I was around 16 years old. Her style is my style she lives in camo and plaid and so do I, I have a thing for slogan t shirts like mama bear ect and she’s always wearing cool hair accessories and t shirts. I have always thought she was beautiful and loved her style and her home is like my dream home!! I love that she’s so fun and silly and she’s got such a bond with her daughter. She definitely gives me home goals and style tips whenever she’s wearing something i would die for her wardrobe. I love that she lives in this little town in America with her perfect little family. my biggest dream in my life has always been to move to America and live in a little small rustic town in a cabin style home with stags everywhere! More love love love. ❤️

Lastly is Adrienne Houghton 🌷

I watch her on the real all the time and she is just an incredible woman, her body is just amazing and I love how proud she is of being Latina, growing up I always wished I was a mix of something exotic and not just a simple English girl. I love her personality, I love how much she loves herself and her family and friends and her husband. I definitely look up to her and try to teach myself that in order to fully love my loved ones and be 100% happy with my life I have to first love myself and not always think so negative about my insecurities. I need to concentrate on what I do have and make them the best they can be and she makes me want to do that whenever I watch her. Huge amounts of love for this woman ❤️ 

Terrible 2’s come early 

So Ava is now 20 months…. but recently from her tantrums you would definitely think she is in the terrible 2’s already. 

Shes not naughty all the time she’s actually really well behaved and the most cutest, loving little girl you’ll ever meet…. until she doesn’t get her own way or she’s tired or just point blank doesn’t want to listen to the word ‘no’ 

We have also recently had issues with bath time… from the day she was born she has always been a massive water baby, always absolutely loved bath time, but the past few weeks she all of a sudden hates baths…. screams and cries and refuses to sit down! I have spent the last 3 weeks bathing her standing up! I am really devastated  because bath time was always my favourite time of day, I love nothing more than getting her all clean and cosy ready for bed and I always read her a story whilst she plays in the bath but now our routine has to change for the time being so it’s bath her as quick as possible then calm her down and ger her ready for bed and happy again! I am praying she grows out of this very very quickly!! 

She hasn’t had a Temper tantrum in public yet but there has been occasions where she has sat on the floor in shops and refuses to move if I don’t let her pull everything off the shelves! She also insists on constantly walking and won’t let me sit her in her pram…. world war 3 will happen if I try and put her in her buggie! Unless she’s absolutely exhausted which is rare as she seems to have so much energy these days and mostly misses her nap during the day! 

She’s still in a really good routine, sleeps from 7-7:30, eats her food really well likes a lot of different foods, also has a major sweet tooth. She’s obsessed with peppa pig, she can work out how to find YouTube on my phone and the iPad and get peppa up, I do try and get her out and about more now especially in the recent nice weather so she isnt just sat watching tele all day, even though I want her to enjoy programmes and grow up with her favourite shows and movies like I did I also want to make sure she reads books and explores outside! 

Well I am not looking forward to her actual terrible 2’s if it means these tantrums are going to get worse, especially in public I still need to learn how to handle them without wanting to die of embarrassment when my child is lying on the floor 🙈 all fun and games being a first time mommy!


Of course I wouldn’t change it for the world, she’s coming a long amazing she’s so funny, she copies us all the time and has us in stitches, she’s really trying with her talking now I don’t think it will be long before she’s speaking properly, she understand everything we tell her but she doesn’t speak back with a lot of actual words yet, I am so excited to see what her voice will sound like 🌎 

Mother’s Day 

As any mother will know when you become a mother yourself days like today mean so much. I love that there is a whole day that my child and future children will be able to get excited about celebrating Mother’s Day for me and the same with Father’s Day. To me these are exciting days. 

When I found out I was pregnant my mind immediately changed i was a different person and I hadn’t even started getting a baby bump yet, as time went on I was so excited to start this new chapter of my life, I have always been very maternal so having my own child was amazing to me. Didn’t expect it to happen whilst I was still young but I am so glad it did so I can still be young when my babies are older 

We have spent this Mother’s Day with my nan, who is the biggest mother figure I have in my life. She’s also one of the closest people Ava has they adore each other. I’m so happy I had her this early on in life so my nan can watch her grow up. 

Every night before I go to sleep I go and check on her, make sure she’s breathing, tuck her in and just stare at her for a moment, watching her silent and still and not being her usual wild self. I stare and just am amazed she’s my baby… I created her in my tummy she’s my daughter I am so blessed and grateful every single day but today Is nice to celebrate that even more 

I am currently starting to re – decorate her bedroom, we did her nursery a jungle theme before we knew she was a baby girl, I am now making her room into a beautiful bohemian, girly little girls room! I think it’s time to make her room more girly and add lots of flowers, arrows, antlers, dream catchers and I’ll throw in some Disney princesses to make it a proper little girls bedroom ❤🌻🌷🐻🦌💐🌹

Happy Mother’s Day 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

Being mommy

My greatest achievement in my life will always be becoming a mother to my daughter and the journey we have had so far. 

I am extremely proud of myself and her daddy for how well we have done so far. I breast fed her for a year, going through the pain of child birth, to the pain of breast feeding and cluster feeding! It definitely wasn’t a walk in the park. The thousands of sleepless nights, the days watching peppa pig, juggling trying to become a working mother! I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. 

I would do anything to rewind and even be pregnant again, I sometimes feel like I tried to rush the pregnancy because I’m such a impatient person and I just wanted to meet her… we didn’t find out the gender so that made me even worse I just wanted to know if I was having a son or a daughter! I will make sure next time around I enjoy every single part of being pregnant! I miss the days on end sitting on my sofa whilst she fed from me or slept on me. Feeding her in public (under my breast feeding cover) having her 100% reliable on me. 

She will always need me and her dad I know that but she’s so grown up now and independent… she can feed herself with cutlery now, the small things like that make me realise how fast the first year went. Don’t get me wrong I do now enjoy letting her eat her own tea and me be able to eat mine before it goes cold. It’s bitter sweet watching your child grow up. Thank god for millions of pictures and videos to look back on! 

I have been really focusing on work as well as being a mommy and I’m finally getting to where I want to be career wise! Well at the starting point, and I get to spend the rest of my week being a mommy and trying to go on as many adventures with Ava as possible! I’m really looking forward to summer this year so I can get her out and about a lot more. 

One of my best friends recently became a mother for the first time and it’s amazing to watch her become a mommy and experience it like I have, another best friend is about to become a mother too which we all cannot wait for.  I’m so excited to watch all my friends create family’s so we can grow up together as well as our beautiful children! 

Being a mommy is literally indescribable, I go to sleep every night thinking how lucky I am. I don’t know what I ever did before I had her. 

I will wear my mama bear badge with pride for the rest of my life 🐻 (literally in my case) ❤

18 months 

I am a little in shock that my baby is 18 months today. I feel like this is a big milestone, 18 months just sounds so big! I get so emotional watching her grow up and watching her develop I will always want to just roll back the clock to the days when we used to snuggle and lie on the sofa all day 😭 

18 month check up: 

  • running around everywhere – she loves walking and running
  • Eats everything, loves her food, her favourite is brocolli and cauliflower, also loves chocolate I let her have snacks but try and limit it 
  • She is very vocal now, she says hiya, ta, momma and dadda, she doesn’t say them regularly but she can say these. She’s very Vocal and always speaks in her own little language. I’m working really hard trying to get her speech going 
  • She sleeps from 7pm until about 8-8:30 
  • She is obsessed with pepper pig and Ben and holly, when I watch her whilst she’s watching them she constantly smiles to herself 🐷
  • She loves everyone playing with her, she will grab our fingers and pull us to her play area 
  • She loves snuggling up, I often find her grabbing a blanket and lieing on the sofa with a pillow 
  • She is very loving and caring she has 2 baby toys that she always picks up and cuddles and kisses it’s adorable 

I’m already starting to plan her second birthday…. I’m going for a woodland/rustic theme because I’m just obsessed with this theme in general, I’m excited to start buying stuff and getting organised!

As much as I am obsessed with winter/autumn I am now getting excited for summer so I can take her out and about and not be stuck inside all the time. It’s been amazing staying cosy but she’s definitely at the age now where she needs to go out to parks and on day trips to run around and experience new things! I want to take her everywhere in summer like zoo’s, farms, the beach I want her to love farms and animals like I do 😍

I am extremely excited this week because there is going to be a new baby within the next few days when my best friends baby decides to finally make an appearance. Another one of my best friends has also just found out she is having a little boy so we are all more than excited about 2017 👶🏼👶🏼 I can’t even describe how excited I am to watch how Ava reacts around these new babies and to watch them grow up together. I’ll be able to see what she will be like as a big sister for when we eventually have another baby ❤ 

She’s going to be 2 before I know it so I’m trying to savour every moment I spend with her whilst she’s little ❤ 

My beautiful deer Ava Georgina Scott 💖🦊🐯🦌 

My toddler won’t sleep

Why is it that when you get your child into a perfect night time routine they decide this isn’t what they want to do anymore? My daughter has decided she is no longer going to go to bed at 7pm and sleep through until 8am 😭 

As any mom and dad will know after having a child and experiencing them first few weeks of complete and utter life draining exhaustion… we now cherish every minute of sleep we get so now that Ava has decided I am not going to get this anymore I am extremely heartbroken! I am praying she is just going through a phase. 

I know my child and obviously if she was waking up because she was in pain (mainly through teething) or I think sometimes she might be having a bad dream? But 9 times out of 10 she just wants some attention. So what do I do? Do I keep getting up and keep cuddling her, put her in our bed to just mess around and not sleep, or do I stand in her room so she can look at me and still not go to sleep. Do I leave her to cry and eventually she will fall asleep? I do a mix of these each night to be honest. As much as leaving her to cry is heart breaking, I feel like she’s at the age now where she needs to learn that she cannot act like this all through the night she needs to go to sleep on her own. 

Being a parent is literally the hardest job in the world, the best job I can ever imagine but definitely the most challenging also. I do eventually want another baby so I am determined to teach Ava about a decent sleeping routine because I can’t imagine being up all night breast feeding my next child and then having Ava acting up also! 

When Ava used to wake up and night and play up I used to be able to breast feed her and she would fall right back to sleep…. I’m so upset I can’t do this anymore!! 

Let’s all please pray for me and my sleep, and hope my child learns very quickly that she is not going to mess around at night time after she has done so well for the past year with her sleep! 

Mama bear xoxoxo 

Happy new year 

I can’t believe another year has passed already, since becoming a mom it feels like time goes by so quickly. My daughter is going to be 2 years old this year. Don’t know how I feel about this 😫 

We had a amazing Christmas it was everything I could of wished for, for my baby girl. I’m already excited for this years Christmas as I know she will be able to understand it a bit more and become more excited about santa! She was completely spoiled and we are still trying to find a place for all of her toys. I am not a fan of a messy house but the clutter of toys makes me happy… shows we have a proper family home ❤ 

I don’t really have any resolutions for this year, I just want to carry on being the best mother I can be for my princess. 2017 is going to bring so many exciting things for me and my best friends, the most being beautiful new babies. I am always so broody but I know I don’t want to rush straight away into having another of my own so my best friends having babies means I’ll get to be around newborns again I genuinely can’t even describe how happy this makes me!!! ❤ 

I am just so grateful for the people I have in my life, and for the people who my daughter is growing up around they are all truly amazing. 

I have a few goals this year, the biggest one is to hopefully buy our first family home and decorate it the barn/rustic style I am totally in love with. Unfortunately ant is not a fan of my stags and tartan and wooden decor love but I feel the quote “happy wife happy life” comes in handy… yes I know we are not married or engaged yet. 

I want my house to look like a Texas ranch, I want rustic wood, stag heads, tartan, wooden plaques, foxes and woodland themes everywhere 😍😍 

I was so devastated to take down my tree I was absolutely in love with it, but it is nice to get my home back to normal and to get on with the new year. Bring on 2017, I hope to end this year with the same beautiful friends, with my gorgeous daughter and her new best friends forever, my family, a career path for myself and my man ❤ I am focusing this year on myself and my career path I want to follow. I want to be a super mom who does it all! Before I add another little bear to my family 🐻 

Happy 2017 ❤❤❤❤❤