My 2 year olds favourite toys 

Ava has had a lottttttttt of toys over the past 2 years as you can imagine! Some she plays with for 5 minutes and then forgets about it and some she constantly likes to keep playing with, I think the first few years are difficult when it comes to buying toys and gifts it’s so hard to buy something that you think they will actually get use out of 🌲

She’s never really had a consistent favourite toy or comforter (until recently) shes never been attached to anything until she started nursery a few months ago now it’s her first baby I bought for her. She now won’t go to bed unless the baby is in her cot and if she goes to nursery I have to make sure she takes baby with her. I think she was about 15 months when I first bought her a baby doll and ever since then she has been obsessed, I think she now owns probably around 10 different babies and has all the accessories you can imagine! She loves pretending to feed them, change them and put them to sleep. I’m not sure if it’s a girl thing but she’s the most nurturing toddler ever! It’s extremely rare that we leave the house without a baby in hand! She will definitely be an amazing big sister when she eventually gets a brother or sister, makes me really excited for that to happen 🐻🐻 so babies is definitely the number one toy she loves 

Her second favourite thing to play with at the moment is play doe! She is absolutely obsessed with it, every morning she will run to the cupboard it’s kept in and shout ‘doe’ until I say yes to get it out. She likes to tell us what colour to roll out and pick the correct colour cutter to place the shape on the right one. It’s actually really helped her to learn the colours and shapes even though she’s not there with her speech she knows what colour matches what tub I am really happy she’s learnt that from it. I won’t lie when she wants to play with it for the 10th time in one day it becomes less fun but of course I would much rather her play with play doe that sit on a iPad and watch the tv all day.

Having said that… I do let her sit on the iPad sometimes during the day, we like to have a snuggle on the sofa, she will watch random videos on YouTube about play doe and I will watch the tv, I would never let her do it all day every day but now and again I don’t mind as it means she cuddles me a little. She also plays games on there or watches Ben and holly…. it particularly comes in handy if I need to shower and get ready it distracts her so she’s not running up and down our house whilst I’m trying to get ready. I don’t think there is any harm in letting her play the iPad as long as you do it in moderation. 

She also loves books, she will always grab a book and ask me to read it to her which makes me so happy as for me it’s really important that she always wants to read books with us. I have bought her all the Disney books, she has books filled with bedtime stories, Christmas stories, Halloween stories. I love nothing more than reading with her,  As she gets older I want to make it a routine she always has a bedtime story. 

She has so many toys but at her age she doesn’t concentrate on one thing for very long. She likes to draw and colour in so she has plenty of crayons and colouring books, she also sometimes likes to play with her baby toys! 

It’s difficult as we are coming up to Christmas so I’m trying to decide what to get her for Christmas, this is the last year I think I will get away with not getting her much because she still doesn’t understand about Christmas so she can’t tell me what she wants ‘santa’ to bring her. I think I might get her a toy cash register and all the food to go with it. I think one family member will buy her a mini kitchen as she loves helping us cook! And maybe a walking dog toy because she loves walking my nans dog. She definitely doesn’t need much especially after her last birthday! 

So that’s my blog on popular toys for a 2 year old little girl. 

Much love mama bears 🐻🌲🌿🦌🍁


The struggle of being a working mommy 🍄

The struggle of trying to be the best mom I can be for my toddler but also trying to build a career for myself is extremely difficult. Today for some reason I feel like it has gotten on top of me, every minute I’m not with Ava I feel so guilty But in my head I want to build a career for myself and for her to see me succeed as well as be a mother to her, I want her to grow up watching both her parents work hard so she follows that within her life, it’s trying to find a balance I am finding difficult.

We have just moved into our new house so the past week or so has been a bit crazy, Ava’s done amazing settling into her new bedroom although she has been waking up a lot earlier so I think I’m more tired than usual, and I have just started my new role at work which is now a 9-5:3 job rather than my 7-3:30… the positive of this is I still get to wake up with her and see her before I go, however the negative is by the time I get home she’s ready to get bathed and put to bed which makes me sad but also makes me appreciate her even more. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my job when I’m there I love being focused and feel like I’m a important member of the team, and when I’m at home I’m mommy/house wife which I also love!

I know I’m extremely lucky I get to only work part time and have the rest of my time with her but it’s just a struggle trying to do well at my job and then come home and do my best at being her mommy, I’m very aware she’s still only 2 years old she’s still so young I don’t want to feel like I’m leaving her too much, I can only hope every working mommy feels the same way I do! I’d give anything to rewind and go back to her being a baby that slept on me all day 🐻 

My focus will always be building the best future for my baby and my family, I cannot wait to add another little baby bear to our family, I know Ava will make the most amazing big sister. That’s even more why I’m pushing myself to build a career path, I want to know I can build a beautiful family and have a career to continue after. As I am still young I think I’m headed in the definite right direction. I think I need to remember there will always be days where I feel like the juggling act gets too much, then I’ll wake up the next day and go back to normal. Of course I would never for a second change any of it. I think it’s a positive thing to blog about the not so good days so I will be able to read my blog back myself and see how the good days and good memories I am building will always weigh out the bad days. 

This working mama bear will juggle whatever i need to, to make sure my children have the best upbringing with 2 parents that do whatever they need to, I can only hope they will have a strong work ethic like we do 🌿 🌲🍁🌻🌷

Life update 👨‍👩‍👧

Feels like I haven’t blogged in forever, the last few weeks have been a little crazy. The weeks fly by way too fast these days!

Nursery is going well, Ava seems to really be settling in well which makes my heart so happy. She now waves me goodbye rather than looking like she’s going to break down when I leave her. This makes me feel so much better when I leave her, as much as I don’t think I’ll ever like leaving her I know she’s enjoying herself and learning so many new things each time she goes. She’s about to go from a morning session to a full day a week because I am now doing a extra day at work, I feel really happy about this new transition I am really proud of her she is growing up so much 🐻


iggest news for us at the moment is that we have officially just bought our first home! Very very excited about it 🏡 I cannot wait to get in and get settled and make it our home. Me and Anthony have had some struggles so far because we do have different tastes when it comes to decor, he's very modern and I'm all about the rustic touches I literally want to move to Texas and live on a ranch. I am obsessed with bears and stags so we are constantly trying to meet in the middle! It will be a working progress. We are going for a modern farmhouse look. I will do a blog on my house decor when we are officially moved and settled. My home goals mainly come from one of my heroes Chelsea DeBoer from teen mom 2! She is just incredible 🦌

So that’s life up to now, busy working hard, packing up and getting into our new house over September. I am also very happy it is now officially autumn my favourite time of year 🍂 Halloween will be here soon I cannot wait to fill my new home with pumpkins!! I have a weird obsession with pumpkins! I am obviously glued to Pinterest at the moment for decor ideas. I wish we celebrated ‘fall’ here and Halloween as much as Americans do. I was definitely meant to live in America 🇺🇸 🎃

As much as we are busy during the week I always try and take Ava somewhere on the weekend, mostly to do with animals I want her to be as obsessed with animals as I am and love nature as much as I do 🍁🍂🌻🌿🌲

Love from this Mama Bear 🐻❤️

My baby turned 2 🍁

Last week was a very big week, my little baby turned two years old!! How did that even happen. I still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday, like I always say it’s bitter sweet watching her grow up, I will forever want to rewind and turn her back into my newborn but watching her become this beautiful little toddler is amazing 🐻 

I spent most of last week prepping for her party, Thursday I made a rainbow woodland cake and on the Friday I made woodland style cupcakes with moss and toadstools, so many glittery cookies. Thankfully everything turned out really good and tasty. 

She has so many presents, she’s one very lucky girl 🌻 she had her teepee ⛺️ which she loves, I filled it with pillows and a cosy blanket so she can sit in there and read. She’s had a tinker bell, fairy table and chair set which she loves! So many accecories for her babies, we officially have a doll nursery in our house now! And she had a dolls house that she is obsessed with. Her room looks amazing with all her new toys. She had some beautiful clothes that I can’t wait to get her in to. It was so much fun having everyone here to celebrate for her

We have just about organised the house with all her new toys, we definitely need an extra room for her to have every toy out! I cannot believe my little girl is a toddler already, time goes by in a heartbeat once you have children 👨‍👩‍👧 

On her actual birthday on the Sunday we took her to one of our local farms, she loves being able to feed all the animals once she got comfortable and had a run around. She was very tired from the whole weekend but it was nice to watch her with the animals as that’s one thing I’m obsessed with and hope she grows up to love it just as much 🦌 

All in all it was another successful birthday for my princess 🌻 

Nursery update 🦊

It’s been a few weeks since she first started nursery, in my last post I explained how heart breaking I found the first week of dropping her off. Thankfully I can say it’s gotten easier as I’ve done it more.

She only goes one morning a week so i always knew I was going to take longer to get used to it, she’s only cried once thankfully… I don’t think I could do it if she cried every time. She’s very clingy because it’s very early when I take her so she’s still tired but she’s done so well I am so proud of her. 

I feel for weeks now I have been talking about her birthday preparations, it’s come around so quickly! It’s a week on Saturday I cannot believe it, I feel like I have everything planned I just need a few last minute bits for the baking I’ll be doing. And things like balloons which I’ll get last minute for her. I am so excited to see her face when she sees all her presents and her balloons!! She’s obsessed with balloons 🎈

I still feel guilt from leaving her at nursey, I try and shut it off in my mind because I know she’s having fun, I hope this feeling gets better as time goes on, I know it’s really good for her and will help her socialise with other children her age and hopefully makes some friends! It’s always going to be difficult watching my baby grow ❤️ 

Ava starts nursery 🌿

It’s been a big week for us this week as Ava has had her first induction to nursery, she’s only done 2 taster sessions as of yet and starts her proper morning on Thursday. Honestly it’s been harder on me than her which I didn’t expect. 

I always knew it would be sad leaving her at nursery, but I didn’t really know how hard it would actually hit me. I’m a very strong person, I very rarely cry or get emotional but this by far was the hardest thing I’ve done since having Ava. She hasn’t cried as of yet, but as she’s only done 2, 2 hour sessions I think she is still wondering what’s going on, when she realises she goes to this place and mommy or daddy leaves her I think she will get upset- which I’m terrified about because if I feel this upset when she’s not crying I don’t know how I’ll be able to leave when she’s upset the thought makes me sick to my stomach with nerves 

I am so so happy she’s going to nursery, for the minute it is just one morning a week and within the next few weeks it will be a full day. I wanted her to first be around other children her age, she does have some babies around her from my friends but they are all smaller than her so she definitely needs to socialise more with children her age and I feel it will really help with her development as well. I’m so happy she’s here and I cannot wait for us both to get comfortable with it and it become the normal thing because i know it will be amazing for her. I have enjoyed packing her little bag, we have to provide a rain coat which I obviously bought her a camo one. Ant hates it, thinks it’s too boyish so I sewed on some pink letters spelling her name to make it look more girlie! I also had to provide her with a toothbrush so I of course had to find something cute to put it in, I bought a small clear pencil case and found some woodland animals to decorate it with! Yes I am that mom that has to personalise everything for my baby 🐻🦌 

On the other hand I expect every parent feels his way when they first put their baby in nursery. It’s absolutely heart breaking leaving your baby with people she doesn’t know, I feel guilty, I feel sick to my stomach I just want to take her home as soon as we arrive there. I really pray this feeling fades as I will soon be dropping her and having to do a full days work which will be difficult with this awful anxious, sick, upset feeling I’m getting at the moment! She’s always my little baby girl I am having a really hard time adjusting.

On a happier note I think i am going to enjoy having a few hours to visit friends with their new babies, having some time to do housework without Ava running around or go shopping without having to drag a grumpy toddler around different shops and in and out of the car so I will appreciate it much more! I think it will also make me appreciate her even more as well, being without her for them few hours makes me just miss her so much it’s such a different feeling than when I’m at work and she’s with a family member. 

I guess watching your baby grow up within a split second and having to let go abit so they can grow up will only get more difficult as they get older, I’m definitely just cherishing every single moment with her! Makes me emotional when writing this one, I am genuinely shocked with how hard it’s hit me, she’s only going one day a week I am much more of a wimp than I thought!

I will keep updating my blog on how nursery is going, hopefully the next one will be a much happier feeling one!

Why does my baby have to grow up? 

Mama’s Favourite decor 🦌

So one of the things I’m most passionate about is my love for rustic, woodland, lumberjack themed house decor 

I am absolutely obsessed with anything bears, deers, tartan/red checked print and of course camo! I want my whole house to look like a rustic lodge. 

I take inspiration from one of my idols from teen mom 2 Chelsea DeBoer her house and just her style in general is just me all over I adore her!! 

We are hopefully within the next few months moving house and I cannot wait to decorate it and make it out rustic little cabin home. Even though my boyfriend Anthony doesn’t join me in my love for this stuff it’s going to be a bit of a battle to ever get the house looking the way I would want but Ive promised him a big ‘man cave’ so I can do the rest of the house how I want! 

I’m most obsessed about how I will decorate my daughters bedroom and my future next babies nursery. I’ve already decorated Ava’s bedroom, I’ve done for a woodland, pink bohemian style bedroom and I am so glad I picked this theme for her 

We didn’t find out the sex of Ava and I think I will keep it a secret when I next have a baby but I will go for a rustic, woodland theme for my next nursery also, I am constantly on Pinterest looking at ideas. It makes me so sad that everything I love is always American based you don’t seem to be able to to buy anything with the theme of home decor I want in England 

I wanted to write this blog because home decor in my style is something I’m so passionate about. My home now is full of sunflowers, dark rustic wood frames and stag heads. I love autumn as well it’s my favourite season I am currently on the hunt for a big autumn scene picture for my kitchen. I want my home full of stag heads, red checked blankets, pumpkins and all things lovely and rustic and wooden 🦌 anything woodland with a little bit of bohemian in there makes me happy

You could also see that with my dress sense, I love pretty bohemian style dresses and tops but then I am obsessed with Slogan t shirts like ‘mama bear’ and camo t shirts. If I have a favourite programme also I will be online looking for a t shirt with the logo on I love it. I can’t wait to get engaged and married just so I can buy a wifey t shirt.

My wedding would also be completely rustic, lumberjack, woodland, autumn style 🐻🦌🌿🎃🍁🍄🌻❄️

I am currently organising Ava’s second birthday as a bohemian, woodland theme. I am making my own cake for her which will be a tiered rainbow cake, with leaves all over it and a dream catcher in the top and of course some type of deer. I am also making cupcakes which will be woodland mushrooms 🍄 and moss cupcakes 

I am also ordering a load of rustic wooden centrepieces to place them all on 🌲🌲

I am excited to create my dream home for me and my family. 

Toddler update 🍁

Thought I would write a little toddler update post as I havnt posted in a while. 

She’s growing up every day too quickly! She’s getting so smart and starting to know her own mind…. basically does what she wants and ignores me and her dad when we tell her no 🤦🏻‍♀️ she’s 2 in just over a month but nobody told me terrible two’s starts way before that!!! 

Obviously having a toddler isn’t always fun and games but as much as she’s becoming a diva she’s also becoming such a loving, caring little girl. She always comes up to us and gives us random kisses. She always shares her food with us and hugs our legs it’s so adorable. We have a few babies around us at the moment as my friends have recently had children and watching Ava with them warms my heart so much. She’s so caring and gentle with them she’s definitely a mothering baby! Her favourite toy is her dolly she always pretends to take care of them so for her birthday we have bought her lots of doll accecories like a doll bed, bath and changing bag which she will love. 

Works been a bit crazy busy lately, I’ve started helping out within other departments as well which I’m really excited about, as much as everything I do now is to build an amazing future for my daughter I am also doing it for myself, I am still trying to find a balance between building a career for myself and being at home and with my child. I think I am doing okay so far, I want to be a working mother I always want Ava to grow up seeing her parents working hard so she follows that as she grows up. We have also recently looked at a nursery for her to go to one day a week, her speech is coming along slowly we think she will really benefit from being with other children and also make some friends! It’s a scary thing but I know it will be really good for her! 

We have recently had a extremely hot couple of days here in England… as much as I hate summer it’s been nice to get her out and about exploring in this weather. I do like being able to go out places and not have to do things inside because the weather is usually not so great so that has been really fun… although I am counting down the days until autumn 🍂🍁🎃

Her birthday is fast approaching, I am really looking forward to making all her cakes and getting organised, it will be nice this year to see her get more excited about all her presents although she will probably enjoy all the balloons more! I can’t believe my baby is turning 2 I feel like I’ve just blinked and these last 2 years have just flown by. 

This weekend I am having my first weekend away from her as it’s one of my best friends birthdays… as much as I can’t wait to have some time with my friends ‘mommy time’ I am still going to have to go and see Ava before the evening celebrations as I just feel so guilty if I have a whole day without her! She will be with my dad and having a sleepover with my nan in the evening though so I know she will have a good time. I am very excited to let my hair down as the last night out that I was meant to have for my birthday I had to miss because Ava was poorly! 

I’ll be doing a blog very soon on all my birthday prep for Ava so keep a look out

Also check out my new YouTube channel which I will be updating whenever I get a chance

Love love love ❤️🌻🌿🐻🦌🎃🍂🍁 

2nd birthday preparations 

So my baby girl is turning 2 in 2 months, I actually can’t believe it. How can she be growing up so quickly? I’ve blinked and she’s gone from a baby to a little girl in a second. It makes me so so sad but so proud at the same time. These years are going way too quickly! 

I’ve been planning what type of birthday to have for her this year for a long time, last year I went for a princess/lion king theme party as of course she is our little princess and also throughout my pregnancy she was always known as my little lion cub 💕 this year I am going for a woodland princess theme. Like I write in most of my blogs I am obsessed with anything rustic, woodland or bohemian and I thought this would be a pretty theme for her birthday this year 

I will be making all the cakes for the party, all woodland themed! There will be plenty of rustic style snacks like ‘twigs’ ‘deer droppings’ and some unicorn cookies 🦄 I am really excited to get things made for it! 

I’ve had a hard time deciding on what presents to buy her as she’s still not at the age where she really wants or needs anything. I finally decided I wanted her to have a teepee for her bedroom, I am going to fill it with lots of pillows and a nice blanket and decorate it with pretty fairy lights and autumn leave garlands. I also wanted her to have a children’s table and chair because I think she will love sitting at it eating her breakfast and colouring, I found a pretty fairy themed one so she will be having that. I have also bought her packs of dinasours and cars as she seems to like both of these! And I will probably get her something peppa pig and Ben and holly themed as these are the 2 shows she is obsessed with! 

I am looking forward to her party, as her birthday is on the Sunday this year I have decided to have her party on the Saturday and on the Sunday take her to our local farm so she can have fun seeing all the animals! I always want to do something fun for her birthday so when she is older we can look through the photos and I can tell her all the stories of her birthdays. I am looking forward for all my family and friends to come together and celebrate for her it makes me so happy seeing how many people she has that adore her 💕 and this year we have lots of babies coming as a few of my friends are now mothers so that is so exciting 💙 

Here is to so many more amazing birthdays for you my beautiful woodland princess 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

Ava Georgina Scott 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

My nearly 2 year old 

I really cannot believe my little girl is going to be 2 in 3 months! Time has absolutely flown by, I feel like it was 5 minutes ago I was giving birth to her! Time goes way too quickly when you have children, everyone always tells me to cherish every moment and they are completely right because they are literally only babies for a second 

She has definitely developed a strong personality of her own, she’s going to give me a run for my money as she gets older! Complete mini me…. DIVA. If she doesn’t want to do something she will make it very clear to you, she knows her own mind already!

Although she does her her tantrums and has moments when she’s slightly devilish she’s also the sweetest, happiest little girl you’ll ever meet, she absolutely melts my heart sometimes she just grabs my face if I’m not looking at her and kisses me! I can’t even explain how much my heart melts when she does that. I love taking her out to the park and to feed the ducks she loves chucking the feed to them and watch them all swim to her, watching her get excited and enjoy exploring the outdoors is amazing I am beyond proud that she my baby girl 

She eats loads of different foods, getting slightly more fussy than she was before always has days where she barely eats and days when she eats everything in sight… at the moment she has a thing for stealing dry pasta to eat out of the cupboard! She’s talking slowly she says ‘shoe’ ‘no’ ‘dadda’ and ‘hiya’ she can say mama but chooses not to and calls me by my real name instead! 

She sleeps through the night… every now and again we will have a iffy night but 9 times out of 10 she sleeps through. Last few nights she’s taken a long time to actually fall asleep you can hear on through the monitor playing in her cot for ages before she eventually falls asleep! But I’m glad she’s learnt how to get herself to sleep now 

She loves being around my friends children she gets so excited, she’s so gentle with the babies it’s amazing to watch her I cannot wait to give her a sibling one day and watch her become an amazing big sister! We have just celebrated another one of my friends baby shower and are now on the 3 weeks countdown for her baby boy to arrive.. another boy for Ava to boss around! We are all very excited for the new arrival and we have just welcomes another baby boy into the family so she is going to grow up surrounded by boys! I’ve always said I hope I have a boy next time but now I know I will be so happy for another girl so she has a sister to play with as well as all the boys! 

Her second birthday is in full motion planning wise.. it’s a woodland princess theme! I am obsessed with anything woodland/rustic so I’ve gone down that road for this years party…. I’m also obsessed with anything bohemian so I might keep that idea for birthday number 3! Yes I’m a weird control planning freak! I am excited to get all her gifts sorted (of course I have no idea what to buy because she has everything) but I am excited to watch her open her own presents this year and hopefully be a lot more talkative!!! 

I’m not going to pretend it’s the easiest job in the world and I’m the perfect mother because there is definitely times when she is playing up that I want to just scream and lock myself in a quiet room for a minute but then she will come up to me with her cheeky smile that she does when she knows she’s been naughty and hug my leg and of course she has me wrapped around her little finger and she manages to make me forget all about her being naughty!! As much as I would do anything to turn the clock back and have her a tiny baby again I am so excited to watch her grow and learn to talk more so she then understands what I mean when I say NO AVA! 

My little baby bear 🌻🌻🌻🌻

I havnt got time to go through this blog and correct spelling mistakes as she is currently crying upstairs and won’t go to sleep…. time to go and get her to sleep as it’s 3 hours past her bedtime!!!!! Mom life ay……