Sensitive skin 

From newborn Ava has had sensitive skin, we was given eczema cream from the doctors which seemed to work and she was fine for months. 

The past few weeks I noticed her skin was getting very dry as she was becoming more active with her rolling. I moisturised her everyday but she seemed to still get really dry skin so I tried some new products. 

I now use this in her baths and I use it to wash her body, it smells beautiful and it has worked her skin is back to being smooth and not dry so I am very happy and will be using this from now on! 

I have started using this after her bath to moisturise her. Again it’s worked beautifully but doesn’t smell as nice as her normal pink Johnson baby moisturiser so I use that afterwards so her skin smells the same!

I’m really happy with how it’s worked, now she’s crawling and standing more her skin isn’t so irritated but I’m still going to keep this routine so her skin stays smooth!

Happy momma and smooth baby 



We have had a big week in our house hold. Ava now officially crawls and pulls herself up onto everything she can!! 

Of course the days I’m at work she decided she is going to do this so I missed her first official crawl, I did witness her trying loads but not the first official time but I’m so glad her dad was there. I did however witness her pull herself onto her feet for the first time which I think my heart skipped a beat because I was so shocked and excited.

It’s the bitter sweet feeling of being so proud and excited to watch her Grow and hit all these amazing mile stones and it’s also the sadness of knowing She’s not my little tiny baby anymore!

We now have a new routine of not being able to leave her alone for 2 seconds because she’s climbing up the tv unit and falling or crawling to try and grab wires, so this is definitely going to be fun! It’s about that time to baby proof the house I think! 

Time flies by 

We have hit 9 months today. How is my baby girl 3 months away from being 1?! I cannot believe it. The first year has definitely flown by!!

9 month catch up: 

  • Pretty much crawling now, a week or 2 and she will be properly crawling everywhere 
  • Eating absolutely everything and anything we make for her, fish pie is her latest fav! 
  • Loves standing up, she can stand alone holding onto furniture, I think she may walk before she properly crawls! 😊
  • Has 4 teeth
  • Loves making noises, she is so vocal now
  • Feeds from me just early morning and night time so mom has her life back a bit yay 
  • Laughs all the time, devolving such a beautiful personality! 

I am so proud of her. I recently started back at work and like any mom going back to work for the first time I was a nervous wreck! She was with her daddy for my first shifts back so I could relax and try and get back into work mode. She did amazingly of course so it will be nice to have a new routine of mommy working as well as daddy! 

Because I am a organised freak her birthday party plans are already in motion and decorations bought! 

My little 6 pound baby is growing so quickly I am so excited to watch her develop and hit all her milestones but I can’t help be sad she isn’t my tiny baby anymore. I guess that’s normal though

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