A look back

I take so many pictures of Ava I do tend to lose track of how old she in certain ones. I constantly look back through them when i’m relaxing or if shes not with me so this post is a little reminiscing of the past 6 1/2 months. As every mommy knows there is nothing better than looking back through the pictures of your babies life from newborn.



The day my life changed forever.


1 Month Old

We started to get little smiles, She was sleeping better, feeding better, getting more beautiful by the minute.


2 Months Old

She was smiling loads now, having a bottle as well as breast feeding, sleeping in her Moses basket, becoming engaged with her toys


3 Months Old

She was laughing, enjoying tummy time, playing with her toys and enjoying it when we helped, no longer having a bottle but feeding off me well, sleeping through the night


4 Months Old

She was sleeping through, playing on her own with certain toys, feeding less off me, attempting to roll to her side, laughing at silly faces we make at her, enjoying watching Christmas lights,


5 Months Old

My stunning little princess is now rolling over, all over the room. Started to wean on baby porridge, sleeping in her own room in her big girl cot, playing independently. making the most beautiful laughing noises at mommy and daddy. Teething badly!


6 Months Old

We now have a rolling, teething, weaning baby girl. She is now enjoying different vegetables and porridge. Rolling everywhere, Sleeping through the night with out her usual once a night wake up, napping less during the day, laughing and smiling without much silliness from anyone encouraging her, she has her first tooth, sitting up alone.

How time flies! It feels like 5 minutes ago I was sat in hospital being mesmerized by her actually being in my arms and not inside my stomach anymore. And now shes near enough 7 months old. In no time at all I will be planning her first birthday. It is the most bitter sweet thing watching your baby grow up so quickly you want them to be that tiny newborn forever but you then cannot wait to watch them grow and grow to see what type of person they become and to watch them hit all the mile stones.

I have already filled photo albums of her life so far so years from now we can always sit together and reminisce as I think pictures are one of the most important things you should keep forever!


Happy growing beautiful baby girl. I cannot wait to see you grow and promise to fill your life with love and happiness.


What is in my changing bag?

As any mommy will know once you have your baby the one thing you have to constantly carry around with you is the nappy bag.

These are the essentials that I always carry in mine wherever me and Ava go.


The essential baby changing mat. They usually come with the changing bag! I always use this when I am changing Ava in any public bathroom because you never know how clean them fold out changing tables are! I also always use this whenever I am changing her at anyone else’s house in case she decides she wants to wee after her nappy is off!


Wipes. Nappy Bags. Nappy’s

I am constantly stocking up my bag with these! I have before forgotten to and gone to change her and realizing I am out of nappy;s or wipes! nightmare. I always try to remind myself to stock up each night now to make sure I am always prepared!


I always make sure I have a few bibs for feeding time! and as we are in the winter period I have a hat and gloves ready in case we go out and it gets a bit cold! Obviously in summer I will swap these for more summery accessories for her!


A spare outfit. A MUST! I never put it past Ava to ruin her outfit with food or sick so I always have a spare outfit with me. As a newborn I carried a few baby grows and vests as she constantly ruined outfits but now she is bigger she doesn’t tend to do this often but you should always be prepared just in case!


I have my breast feeding cover so I can always feed her discreetly and comfortably if I am out and about. And a muslin cloth for sick! Again I got through a lot of these a day when she was newborn but I tend to use just one a day now shes nearly 7 months


Nappy rash cream that I have used probably 3 times since she has been born, but always like to have it just in case! A hair brush obviously to keep her hair tidy. Sudocrem well because you always need Sudocrem. Calgel – my favorite teething gel to help her sooth teething pains. And Nail clippers so when she falls asleep I can sneakily cut her nails that seem to grow back daily!


Toys! I always carry a few small toys in my bag to entertain her whilst we are out. She does have a toy bag I take out when I am going to somebody’s house but if i’m shopping or out to eat I just bring small essential toys I know she will keep occupied playing with rather than bringing her whole toy box.


And Lastly some little things for mommy on the go. My all time favorite, cant live without lip balm! I have used this for years and cannot last a day if i don’t have one with me! and also hand moisturizer as I have major OCD about having dry hands. You will probably also find a random lipstick I put in the side pocket.

Now she is on baby food I have bought her a little lunchbox I carry with me with her pots of food, a bowl, a spoon and her sippy cup! All pink and disney princess because well why not she is my little princess after all 🙂

These are just a few essentials I think all mommy’s should have within their bags! I have probably missed a few items out and obviously there are a million different products mommy’s use but these are the best ones me and Ava get by day to day using!


Queen of our castle


Just to add… This is how I look when I am breast feeding with my cover. I absolutely love it. I always look at peoples reactions in restaurants whenever I am using this and they come over to the table and I have never noticed anyone feel uncomfortable or awkward. So for mom’s who like to feel discreet and confident breast feeding out and about I would recommend getting one!


Mommy Make-up

Well, I am no make up artist by any means! I just wear your average day to day stuff to make look remotely awake now I am a mommy. I have a few essentials that I wear when I can actually be bothered to put make up on or I have time to make the effort. I do love to experiment with make up but lets face it… The only time I have to myself to do this is after Ava’s bed time by which point I want to tidy up and get to bed myself!

First, if I am not going anywhere or I am just popping out to the shop or something small I just wear tinted moisturizer. I find it makes my skin look smoother, fresher and brighter. I don’t look as rough as I would without no make up but I don’t look like I’ve got hardly anything on. Perfect for having lazy days but not wanting to feel totally vile!


If I decide or should I say if Ava decides I am going to have the time to actually do my make up I prefer the less is more look rather than piling it all on. I like a natural look, I find I feel much more comfortable with natural make up rather than plastering my face

My essentials are:


I love this foundation, It goes on really smooth and lasts for ages!


This is probably my most important and essential piece of make up! I have the worst bags under my eyes as you can imagine! This little beauty covers them really well! I often wear this without anything else to cover under my eyes on a daily basis! It also lasts me months


This is the powder I use after I have applied my foundation and concealer. I dab it over all my face to stop any shine! Really smooth and leaves my skin looking smooth and clear.

This is probably one of the cheapest blushers you can buy but to me its the best one I’ve ever used! I have tried expensive ones but this is the only one that I have found you can actually notice! Bargain.


This mascara is also a cheaper brand of make up and again my all time favorite mascara. Like I said before I like the minimal natural look so this mascara gives me a good amount of lash extension without making me look like i’m going on a night out.


This is the eyebrow kit I use, I used to use a pencil but moved onto powder and I love it! I mix between the darkest shade and the middle shade to make them both match! Honestly I doubt my eyebrows ever fully match as this is the last thing I do to finish my make up and by this point Ava is fed up of not having my attention unless daddy is looking after her!


I do like not looking like I have a lot of make up on but I do like my lips to look fuller so I use a lip liner most days! I change color’s depending on what I feel each day but I mostly use a pink or nude!


And finally the lipstick – M U A matte lipstick is always a winner and at £1 a stick you cannot argue. This is a daily user to finish off my make up. They last for ages and don’t look too over the top!


I use this highlighter to finish off my make up, I put it under my eyebrows, down the center of my nose, in the corners or my eyes, on the top of both my cheek bones. Always makes my eyebrows look neater than they actually are!

This probably looks like I wear loads of different products but in actual fact it takes me no longer than 15 minutes to have my make up finished. And I don’t look like i’m wearing too much or not enough I believe for me its a good balance for a day to day mommy look!


If I am feeling really adventurous I do try out a bit of contouring now and again. I don’t do it often but I do like the look of it once its done. I mainly do my nose and cheek bones I don’t bother to do anything else unless I am going on a night out. I do have days when I want to feel nicer and days when I cant be bothered but I do occasionally experiment with this palette.

Like I said I am far from a make up artist. I could easily spend money on expensive brands and different types of make up but obviously being a mommy I would much rather spend my money on my  beautiful baby and stick to my cheaper, reliable and still decent make up products I use.

Every mom deserves to feel good about themselves once they have had children as it is hard to find the time and energy to do this but you can always do it without much time consumption and money spent. I often sit on the floor whilst Ava plays with a mirror balancing between my legs whilst I do my face up and entertain her at the same time!


Weaning adventures

So as Ava has now turned 6 months the weaning process has begun which I am very excited about. We decided we did not want to give her any ready made baby food so I am going to be making it all myself apart from the porridge we give her. I cannot wait to experiment with different combinations as she gets used to the food more.

As I have had on going issues with Ava having a bottle we actually started the weaning process a few weeks before she turned 6 months. We started with just giving her baby porridge, she took to this a lot better than I thought she would. I started by just giving her the original porridge and did this just in the mornings for a week or two to get her stomach used to something other than milk.


As she got used to the taste and the texture I introduced different flavor’s of the porridge to her, The only one I didn’t really like to give her was the ones you have to make with milk as I find they are not as smooth as the ones you make with water but I like to offer her different flavors on different days so she can learn to taste different flavors.

         3274081.jpg  IDShot_540x540images

Now that she is used to her breakfast porridge I started to introduce sweet potato. She did not like the taste at first it took a few days for her to start to enjoy it but now shes in a great routine of having porridge for breakfast and having sweet potato + Broccoli and Coli flower for lunch. I am still in the early stages of introducing food slowly as her stomach is still learning how to digest it properly as I obviously don’t want her to get tummy ache but its going very well. I also sneak in her bottle (well sippy cup filled with milk) which is still such a slow process but shes not completely refusing it if shes in a good mood so its better than nothing for the time being. It will still be an extremely long time before I get any real time for myself but as long as my baby is happy, healthy and growing amazingly then I can sacrifice any time to myself  for another few months.


I wanted to at first just give her different combinations of vegetables before I introduce fruit as I don’t want her to get used to the sugar from fruit and then refuse the veg. I am going to start to give her some banana with her breakfast and as I introduce an evening meal I will add fruit to that also. Its such a exciting process watching her reaction to new flavors and I have a feeling she is going to be a big greedy guts!



The teething war

We are officially in the war of teething, it started a few months ago but is now getting worse as I can see the bottom 2 about to come through any day now. Any mommy would agree seeing your baby crying in pain is the worst feeling in the world and we try to do whatever we can to sooth the pain. Obviously she chews everything she can get her hands on, toys, phones, fabric absolutely anything in her reach. Most days she can deal with it and just had little cries here and there but then we have times when she is grumpy and sobbing all day. Its extremely hard work having a grumpy baby and breaks my heart.

My number 1 teething comforter recommendation is of course Sophie the giraffe! Ava loves it, She will always reach out and grab it out of all of her toys. I find that its easier for babies to chew on as she can get different legs in her mouth or its head without too much confusion. Every mommy needs a Sophie the giraffe when getting ready to have a baby!



We seem to have the best results using this gel, She feels better as soon as I’ve rubbed it into her gums so I use this most of the time. 
This one I also use a lot, I don’t think this gel numbs her gums as fast as Calgel but she loves the taste of this one and she seems happier once shes had it
I was advised to try out amber beads, I was not comfortable with her wearing the necklace version so I got her the ankle bracelet. Honestly I don’t know if these helped her or not so I have not continued putting this on her but it is definitely worth trying I know lots of moms have had success from them. 
Ava had this as a Christmas gift and she loves it, I would recommend this because its really easy for her to keep hold of and chew without constantly dropping it
We tried this powder also, she seemed to warm to is after I used it a few times but I was reluctant to use it every day so slowly stopped but It did sooth her 
Good old fashioned fridge teething rings! Always manage to calm Ava down once she starts chewing these when they are nice and cold out the fridge. I guarantee pretty much every parent has at least one of these in their fridge. 

Obviously every baby reacts differently to different products, These are just a few tips that are helping me through the journey of having a teething baby! We always use the original Calpol as well (sugar free). We have recently thought about giving Ava a dummy to try and help her, I have read that giving her one may also help her with feeding from a bottle. But we have always been against giving her one and have gone 6 months without so I think for us we are going to stick to our decision of not giving her a dummy and powering through with the products we already have. But a dummy is a great soother and teething helper and if it did get to the point where she was just in pain all the time I would definitely reconsider giving her one.



Stop for a moment

So, at around 8 months pregnant I started to become a huge clean freak. I cannot function well in a messy house! The first week or 2 of Ava being born I struggled getting around the house and standing up for long periods of time so Anthony was on duty but I couldn’t wait to be able to start doing it again. Now whenever Ava falls asleep on me after a feed I put her straight into her cot so I can either shower and get ready, wash up, wash clothes, hoover, polish all the desperate housewife duties. But I really need to just stop for a moment and really enjoy the moments with her snuggling on my chest to sleep because soon enough she will grow too big to do that anymore. Soon she will stop feeding from me and wont use me as a comforter as much anymore.

I never want to look back and regret not cuddling or just enjoying sitting on the sofa with her on me because I was too crazy about keeping the house tidy. I need to just let everything else wait and enjoy my baby wanting to sleep on my chest or just have a sleepy cuddle before she has a nap. The best photo’s I love of her is when she was tiny and slept all day on me and her daddy. We always said we cannot wait to watch her grow up and do more than just sleep but now I miss that so much.


I know she will always cuddle me and need me because I am her mommy but shes only a baby once so I am going to make sure I snuggle with her any chance I get because after all shes already growing so fast




Play Time

For the first 0-3 months of Ava’s life I lived for using her baby swing. When she was first born she was too small to fit into it properly so we had to fold a blanket first them place her in the middle. As she grew bigger she was able to play with the hanging toys and enjoy it. It was so useful I always put her into it whilst I showered or tidied up because I knew she couldn’t go anywhere and she was safe and happy. I also found that if she was having a day where she hadn’t poo’d this always helped. I never liked her not doing at least one poo a day because I worried she would have a tummy pains. (Mom tip). 


Then we moved on to the baby gym, We at first had a small one given to her as a present which she loved. She at first lay there and we had to play with the toys to show her, but again i used to be able to lie her on it and she would happily stay there whilst I popped into the other room to get a drink or something. As she got bigger we bought her a larger baby gym which came with a tummy time pillow. She absolutely loved this, all the different toys for her to play with and move around with, and the tummy time pillow really helped her to get used to being on her tummy. Also it was a really fun way for me and Anthony to play with her and teach her how to play with the different toys. As she approached the 6 month mark we took away the 2 bars from the top of the gym and spread the toys out around her to try and teach her how to roll which worked like a dream. As soon as she realized she needed to move to reach her toys she started to roll and is now rolling all over the living room 🙂

Her first baby gym  
Her tummy time pillow 
Her bigger gym she loved
We also bought her this, it helped her to sit up and she used to take her naps on it throughout the day

Now she is 6 months, her Christmas present from her Grandma and Grandpa was her jumperoo. Best gift she has had! she absolutely loves it, her legs are becoming so strong from it, I watch her all the time concentrating on each toy I can see her thinking how shes going to fit it in her mouth (teething baby) she can entertain herself in it for ages playing with different parts and watching the lights. Biggest recommendation for 6 months + babies.





Rolling in her sleep nightmare

So I now have a beautiful 6 month baby girl on my hands. Current updates are

Smiling + Laughing a lot

Babbling all day everyday

Playing with all her toys independently

Weaning slowly (Updates coming)

Sleeping in her own room in her cot

Sitting up (not fully with balance yet)

and Rolling over all over any room she is in


HOWEVER: I am now facing one of my first major worries with her. She is now rolling onto her front in her sleep… now as soon as I look at the camera and see her on her front all I can see is her face buried into the mattress and  I immediately freak out and have to go upstairs and check on her. I of course then disturb her as she was just sleeping the way she feels comfortable. Now I have gotten advice from a few mother’s I know and they have all told me that she is absolutely fine, she is built to know not to make herself stop breathing and that I need to relax but I cant seem to!

If any mother reading this has any advice for me on how to cope as I don’t think I am the only mom who has freaked out over this. Please leave comments below as they are all extremely appreciated 🙂 

I CANNOT cope with this 😦 

Tattooed Momma Bear


So I thought I would share a little something very personal about myself. I have many, many tattoos across my body. I am sharing this as I am extremely proud of each one as each one means something special to me. People with lots of tattoo’s get judged way too much! I used to read comments from people who used to visit my work that specifically pointed out the tattooed waitresses in a negative way… what just because I have some art on my body i’m doing my job any different to anyone without them? I’m sure any worker tattooed or non-tattooed will do a job just the same! I have even come across articles that suggest tattooed moms are bad moms! Disgusting. I think everyone who takes the time to read my post’s can see i am far from a bad mom and I am going to share each of my tattoos because they are apart of me and I am so proud of them all.

Rose with thorns because well I think roses are beautiful
Birds flying over my shoulder to represent me being a grown independent woman.
Big, bad wolf on my hip because I think wolves are stunning and strong. Also small quote on my lower back ‘Save your heart for someone who leaves you breathless” (Achieved)
Sam Smith lyrics because I think his voice is just heaven
On my lower arm.. based on Marilyn Monroe because I just love the era she is from
‘ L O V E ‘
One of my originals – done to match a tattoo my life long friend Becki has
A quote from one of my all time favorite childhood films twilight
Roses with Poison Ivy just because I think its pretty
Wings with Hebrew writing through the middle. I will always fly with my own wings through life
Aladdin and Jasmine – To remind me that at any age I can still sit and enjoy Disney.. and to remind me to share this love with my children
Front of my half sleeve: Book because I love to read, Tiger because this is a good representation of my personality, Tree to represent my growth throughout life, The time line at the bottom represents evolution (I’m a history freak)
Under arm of my sleeve: Time heals all as I believe in this quote a lot, Egyptian Evil Eye for luck (I am obsessed with ancient Egyptian history) and my time line of evolution continued.
Back of my sleeve: Egyptian key of life, Music because who doesn’t love music, Infinity symbol to represent all my beloved family and friends, A wolf paw print because I have a weird love for mystical creatures, Lips with fangs because I like vampires. And the background of a moon and clouds to finish it off
Quote on each side of my thighs “You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground” + “And ill be the wings that keep your heart in the sky”. for friendships.
Feather with birds flying out of it because I love the thought of birds flying free and independently. Also a C on my ankle that I had for a special best friend.

These are all I have so far. To some viewers they may look like nothing but to me each one represents something personal. Obviously I have not yet had one for my daughter as I am still deciding what type of tattoo I would like to get. I don’t want a normal one or her name or birth date or anything along them lines. Stay tuned to see what I decide to get 🙂

Be proud of your ink and don’t let anybody bring you down about it! Because lets face it people look so much hotter and individual inked.

I have always wondered how I will feel when my children come to me and ask about having a tattoo themselves. Obviously I would be a major hypocrite if I said no but I will definitely make them wait until they are 18 and have a mature mind set before deciding on inking their body.



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