Lack of milk 

Ever since Ava was first born we always tried to get her into some kind of routine. I have found that this always works well for a few weeks then one day she decides she no longer wants to follow this and it all changes. 

Since Ava has been weaning she has fed from me less and less, obviously no bottle still but we have a great routine going now where she feeds from me morning and night and has her normal foods throughout the day, however I now don’t produce half as much milk as I used to and I think I’m now not producing enough to satisfy her. She takes longer to put to bed at night she used to feed and go straight down through the night but the past few days she feeds then I put her down and she has a screaming match before exhausting herself out and falling asleep.

She still will not have a proper feed from a bottle it’s a daily battle until she finally learns that this is her milk source now. I never thought in a million years I would have such a fight with bottle feeding! 

I’m worried she’s not getting enough milk from me and next week I am back to work so it’s going to be a Struggle to relax until she has a bottle, breast feeding was totally worth all the pain and exhaustion but next time around I will definitely make sure my next baby in the future has plenty of expressed bottles to get him or her used to it and hopefully avoid this dilemma!!! 


My little mermaid 

Ava has officially had her first experience of going swimming and she absolutely loved every minute of it. I knew she would like it because she loves having a bath but I didn’t realise how excited she would get.
We got her a blow up seat to use which she loved! she was able to kick her little legs and splash in the water. I would definitely recommend getting one for any baby going swimming 

We was not brave enough to dunk avas head fully under the water although I have heard its good for her as she is used to being in the water. She soaked me splashing her arms in the water I’ve never seen her so excited it was an amazing experience we will definitely be taking her again. 

Little things like going swimming are just a million times better when you have a baby. I don’t know what I ever did before I had her ❤️ 


Weaning part 3 

So Ava is doing so well with her weaning I am so proud of her. 

She’s still not on a bottle but she is only breast feeding off me Morning and night now which makes my life a lot easier! I worry she isn’t having enough milk but she seems to be growing amazingly so for now I think she’s doing fine. 

So now she has tried 


  • Potato, sweet potato, broccoli,cauliflower, carrot, parsnip, root vegetables, cucumber, red pepper 


Oranges (favourite), pear, Apple, strawberry, banana 
She also has all her baby snacks, toast, porridge, rice and plenty of water.

My next mission is meat and fish which I will be introducing to her. She has tried spaghetti Bolognese and liked that so I think she will take to this well. She pretty much eats whatever I give her she loves her food. I now can let others take her for a few hours or feed her whilst I do something else it’s so nice to be in such a comfortable routine with her now she’s not feeding from me as much.

Weaning is still as fun as ever and I watch her everyday grow and grow so I know what I am giving her is all good stuff. She couldn’t eat more fruit and veg if she tried!  


    8 Months

    So we have hit the 8 month mark. I cannot believe how fast it has gone, it feels like only yesterday we brought her home from hospital. When people tell you to cherish every moment because it goes by so fast they are so right!

    So at 8 months Ava is now:


    Having 3 proper meals a day (mushed up baby food) I experiment with all different types of fruit and veg and she loves it all! She also loves drinking her water from her sippy cup.

    She is now sleeping from half 7 every night, waking up at 6 for a quick nappy change and feed then back down till around 8-8:30

    She has 3 teeth, and I have a feeling a 4th will soon make an appearance

    She is rolling and shuffling backwards all around the house, within the next few weeks she will be crawling I can see her pulling her body up ready to crawl.

    Shes got the biggest smile and giggle on her now, it doesn’t take a lot to make her laugh anymore

    Shes decided she does not like to be in her car seat, so at the moment every journey is a screaming match (fun for me – N O T)

    She has learned to reach out for me when others are holding her, her attachment to me has grown which is obviously nice but I would like to be able to leave the room for a minute without her crying out for me

    She is still refusing a bottle but only feeds off me morning and night now so I kind of have some freedom back to have some mommy time again.

    We just celebrated her first Easter which was so much fun, obviously she is too young to eat her eggs but I enjoyed dressing her up and having family and friends celebrate with her. I am all about holidays! Easter, mothers day, fathers day, Halloween and of course Christmas!! and now having a child to make a fuss of these holidays for makes me so excited!!


    I cannot believe my beautiful little baby is going to be 1 years old in 4 months – that’s no time at all considering how fast she has already grown up. I have already bought most of my supplies in prep for her big princess party I will be throwing for her. I like to be an organised mommy!

    I constantly look back at her newborn photos and just look at how much she has grown up and how clever she is. She is becoming more beautiful everyday and I am so lucky I get to raise her into a beautiful toddler, child, teenager and adult. Becoming a mom is the best thing I have ever done and I cannot wait to add to our family and raise more beautiful children. (in the future). Because after all what better way to spend my life than creating and raising beautiful children.


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