So, first lets start on pregnancy.

The journey of creating a baby! Its overall an amazing experience growing a human being inside your body from just a little tadpole to a real life baby. But it doesn’t come without its challenges!!

When I first found out about being pregnant me and my partner couldn’t of been happier! shocked but happy. I remember just thinking wow I am actually pregnant and from that very moment, staring at them 2 lines on that test my whole life had already changed. So I did what probably every other girl in that situation has done, I went out and spent lots of money on more expensive tests just to make sure! And of course they both came up positive.


First thing I did was of course tell my closest, childhood friend who was absolutely ecstatic along with close family members.  I felt like I wanted to tell the world but I definitely wanted to wait for the 12 week mark.

The first 3 months were very tough. Luckily I did not experience any type of morning sickness, However I did feel extremely sick for those months and could barley eat anything but soup! (inside i just wanted to demolish anything in sight) It also didn’t help that I fell pregnant just before the mad Christmas rush at work! was definitely not the funnest time in my life but I knew it was the start of something amazing. I still at this point didn’t feel like it was real. I remember  waking up every morning and looking in the mirror trying to notice any type of bump, I couldn’t wait to start showing for it to become real. Then the 12 week scan came. WOW how amazing looking up at the screen and seeing a real life baby starting to develop inside your own body. I remember holding onto Anthony’s hand and just being amazed that this was happening to us. It it honestly the best feeling in the entire world.

The next few months became easier, I got to announce to everyone I was pregnant and got so much love and support it was over whelming. My group of friends were so excited as I am the first of us to have a little one. By this point my belly was finally starting to pop out and I could finally start taking the standard bump pictures to document for myself. The sickness started to disappear and I could finally eat as much junk food as my body would allow. And as every mother would agree with, the first feeling of movement from your baby is just amazing. As my bump started to grow I became more excited and the feeling that I was actually becoming a mommy became a reality.

Before I knew it i was 35 weeks pregnant. And honestly by this point i felt fed up and ready to get this baby out of me. I was exhausted from work, my feet hurt, my back ached, I was sick of having to sleep with a big pregnancy pillow underneath me and waddling up and down stairs. I was ready to have this baby! I had also just started maternity leave which was very exciting for me! time to relax and sleep all day everyday.. HA they say make the most of the sleep but how is that possible with a massive baby bump that makes you need a wee every 5 minutes throughout the night. my sleepless nights had already begun.


I had an amazing baby shower organised by my beautiful group of friends Becki, Chad, Nicole and Faye! It was jungle themed to match baby Scott’s nursery. We decided not to find out the sex so we decorated his/her nursery jungle themed with Disney thrown in. All of my nearest and dearest turned up and of course my little cub was spoiled! I knew then it was just a waiting game for baby Scott’s arrival and I could not wait! I spend the next few weeks making final touches to the nursery, washing all the baby clothes. Of course packing then re-packing hospital bags. Crying in the mirror at my millions of stretch marks that decided to make a last minute appearance.


38 weeks + 3 days pregnant… Midwife appointment. Normal appointment, moaning to my midwife that I am fed up and want baby out! Baby had been head down and very low down for so many weeks not I felt like he/she would drop out at any moment and my bladder was working overdrive. I was booked in for a sweep the following week and went home fed up as always. Then 12 pm that day…… something was happening. By 6pm that evening contractions started. FINALLY baby was ready to come (and of course I was now regretting moaning as this pain was horrendous) I was sat watching the Great British Bake off with my group of friends, Becki writing down every contraction to time them. Ant came home early from work to make sure I was okay which was nice. As everyone left, on edge of course! We decided to try and go to bed and see what happens in the morning. By 11/12 that night there was no sleeping for us. I was lent across the landing banister in horrendous pain…. Time to go to hospital.

Just an extra thing I would like to add to all mommy’s out there with stretch marks. I was absolutely devastated when they started to appear on me. I thought I will forever have a horrible stretched saggy belly, I will never be able wear a bikini on the beach or feel even remotely attractive again. But after a lot of reassurance from my partner and friends I have decided I need to learn to love them. I am a 22 year old girl with a baby, I have to remember these came from me creating my beautiful baby and I will forever look at them and remember what they represent. I read a quote recently that helped me become proud rather than upset “A tiger that has earned her stripes” and is it very true. We have earned these by going through pregnancy and child birth to create our children. So ladies be proud and show them off! They may not look nice to others but to you they represent the world.