My birthing story

So, we arrive at hospital its around 12:30am on August 6th 2015. After already being in slow labor since mid day the day before you can imagine how tired and in pain I was by this point. The midwife on duty got me settled into one of the birthing rooms. I thought in my head if she sends me home and tells me to wait I am not going to be a happy girl. The she checked me and told me I was 4 cm dilated, WHAT i am actually in labor oh my god.  That’s when panic started to hit me. I wanted to go home and carry on my pregnancy I wasn’t mentally prepared for the actual giving birth part of this.

I sent Anthony out the room to ring my other birthing partner (my best friend of 20 years Becki) Who i think sped all the way from Shrewsbury to Telford in about 15 minutes as she thought I was about the give birth (she later learned 4 cm is way off giving birth)

I changed into my birthing outfit and tried to get comfy. I remember the midwife taking out the baby’s baby grow and putting it onto the warmer and said its nice for the clothes to be warmer for the baby! that is when my heart started to race and i felt sick with nerves. Becki showed up in a panic, she could not believe it was time. Her and me both!

As my contractions became stronger I tried my hardest to stay away from the drugs but finally I gave in and has the gas and air, WOW what a weird feeling, I felt like I was drunk it was amazing. Still was not cutting it I could not believe how much pain I was in. Time past and pain became worse, I was dilating slowly and none of us had, had any sleep. In the end I had pethidine, I was reluctant to have this as I didn’t want to be sick again but I gave in to try and relieve some of this pain. Again what an amazing drug! I started to daze in and out of sleep, speaking absolute nonsense to Anthony and Becki (at least they had me to amuse them in my dazed state) Most of this last part is a blur to me due to the pain relief. I remember the trainee midwife and the other midwife constantly checking my blood pressure and it was finally time to push. I had Becki and Anthony in tears by each side of me. By this point my drugs had started to wear off and I the real work was just about to start.


How is it so hard to push? It felt like FOREVER. I have never been so frustrated in my life. I remember at one point thinking (GET THIS BABY OUT NOW) I couldn’t do it any longer I was exhausted and I felt like it wasn’t doing anything. this lasted for around an hour and a half I think, they told me lots of different positions to try and put my legs in a million different holds to try and help me. Then I remember the midwife telling me she could see lots of hair (finally it was working) apparently my reply was ‘WHAT COLOUR IS IT’ yes Kaya very important question!

Push.. Push… Push and wow there SHE is! My baby was in the air ready to be put onto my chest. My first reaction was just shock, relief and WHAT SEX IS IT. And then i hear its a girl its a girl. She was put on me whilst Anthony cut her cord. I remember being too scared to even touch her head properly because she was so small and fragile. She immediately opened her eyes and just stared at us for about 30 minutes. I was in a daze, Becki and Anthony were both in tear calling everybody we knew to let them know.


Anthony’s family live far from us and his mom was already in Telford, in mothercare buying pink clothes (One memory that always makes me smile)

I was still heavily drugged, We were all just memorized by her. 10 days early! she obviously was just like her mommy.. impatient. I gave her to Anthony and Becki whilst I tried to sort myself out a bit. By then I had visitor after visitor. Family and friends could not wait another second to meet her. I was opening bags and bags of clothes and hugging everyone trying to act normal and not totally out of it. The adrenaline helped a lot.

Afterwards Anthony went home with his mom to eat something and shower after over 24 hours without either. I asked Becki to stay with me as being alone in a hospital with this new baby was very scary. She watched her and dressed her whilst I attempted to shower. Who knew standing up and walking would be such a task, I could barely move. I waddled to the shower and got myself a bit more presentable. Then we went through to the baby unit. I was the only girl in the whole place, Which was nice and also scary. Anthony returned and Becki finally went home to rest. I could never thank her enough for staying with me. Anthony stayed with me until he got kicked out at around 9pm. That’s the worst part that they don’t allow daddy’s to stay. After he left I just stared at her for hours, I couldn’t lift her in and out of her bed beside me so I had lots of help from the midwifes. They took her for a few hours so I could try and sleep I think i managed about 3 hours. I couldn’t sleep I was so uncomfortable, sore and just overwhelmed.


I remember counting down the hours until Anthony was coming back to take us home. He returned that morning with her car seat and bags ready to go. We watched a midwife bath her before we left so we knew what to actually do now we were parents. And off we went, ready to start the journey to parenthood.


Ava Georgina Scott


6lbs 3oz