The start of something new

The first few months…..

Before we knew it Ava was 1 month already. She was coming on really well, piling on the weight getting more gorgeous everyday! We found that she would not settle still in her basket so I ended up letting her sleep in the bed next to me for the first 7 weeks, I was totally against this at first but I would do anything for a bit of sleep when it came down to it. We had our own little night time routine, She woke up 10pm, 3pm, 6pm. I was diving into every single series of desperate housewives so i enjoyed getting up with her so i could sneak in another episode whilst Ant slept. I decided I wasn’t going to make him do any night feeds as his work hours are very demanding.


Its very bitter sweet watching your baby grow up, She was changing daily and I was so excited to see what she would do next but then I was so sad she was getting big already I wanted my little newborn back. She grew so quickly out of her clothes it was difficult having to get rid of them to make room for the next size up. I have of course kept all my favorite outfits and will carry on doing so over the first year of her life to make her a blanket to keep forever.

By week 10 she was sleeping through the night, I could not believe my eyes when i woke up in the morning and saw it was 8 am… I have never felt so alive! That was a very good day, I got into a routine where I was able to actually straighten my hair and start to wear my make up again. HALLELUJAH

I found her swing chair would always do the trick it would distract her and most of the time send her to sleep so I could get ready or tidy up around the house.


We then invested in a play gym for her, it took her a while to get used to it mostly she just lay there and stared at the flashing lights, we had to play with the toys to entertain her but it was also a easier way for me to do small things like make a drink or food. As she grew bigger she started to play with the toys it was amazing to watch. Along with that came her first smiles and giggles, they just absolutely melted our hearts!


As she neared 3 months it was nearly time for her first Halloween. I am all about holidays such a Halloween, Easter, and of course Christmas. I will make sure every year we celebrate these and make them a big deal. Obviously we couldn’t do much this year but me and Anthony still carved a pumpkin for her and I bought her a cute baby grow to celebrate. All so I can take photos to document for her. I had already by this point filled photo albums. I will continue to do this for years to come so when she is old enough we can look back on them forever.




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