Watching Ava grow up these past 10 months have just been incredible and every day I watch her and just think to myself how lucky I am. 

She’s getting extremely clever now she copies me all the time, she understands me when I tell her to crawl to a certain place. She’s so clever! ❤️

I am just so grateful for where my life is now. I am a mother to the  most incredible daughter I could ever wish for, I have a man who does everything for me and Ava I couldn’t ask for anyone better, we will be looking at buying our own house before the year is out so that’s extremely exciting. I have a very small family circle but the people i do have I love dearly and my small group of best friends are just amazing. I have a job I enjoy and that has helped me become me again which I am very happy about.  I am one very lucky girl!

I have recently been obsessed with trying to find my personal style for decor when we do eventually find and buy our first home together, I think I have found it. I am in love with the rustic/shabby/barn type of look, i have been doing lots and lots of window shopping and cannot wait to find our house and start my decor project to turn our home as rustic and pretty as possible! I will create my own cabin look for my home 

Happy mommy ❤️


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