The struggle of being a working mommy 🍄

The struggle of trying to be the best mom I can be for my toddler but also trying to build a career for myself is extremely difficult. Today for some reason I feel like it has gotten on top of me, every minute I’m not with Ava I feel so guilty But in my head I want to build a career for myself and for her to see me succeed as well as be a mother to her, I want her to grow up watching both her parents work hard so she follows that within her life, it’s trying to find a balance I am finding difficult.

We have just moved into our new house so the past week or so has been a bit crazy, Ava’s done amazing settling into her new bedroom although she has been waking up a lot earlier so I think I’m more tired than usual, and I have just started my new role at work which is now a 9-5:3 job rather than my 7-3:30… the positive of this is I still get to wake up with her and see her before I go, however the negative is by the time I get home she’s ready to get bathed and put to bed which makes me sad but also makes me appreciate her even more. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my job when I’m there I love being focused and feel like I’m a important member of the team, and when I’m at home I’m mommy/house wife which I also love!

I know I’m extremely lucky I get to only work part time and have the rest of my time with her but it’s just a struggle trying to do well at my job and then come home and do my best at being her mommy, I’m very aware she’s still only 2 years old she’s still so young I don’t want to feel like I’m leaving her too much, I can only hope every working mommy feels the same way I do! I’d give anything to rewind and go back to her being a baby that slept on me all day 🐻 

My focus will always be building the best future for my baby and my family, I cannot wait to add another little baby bear to our family, I know Ava will make the most amazing big sister. That’s even more why I’m pushing myself to build a career path, I want to know I can build a beautiful family and have a career to continue after. As I am still young I think I’m headed in the definite right direction. I think I need to remember there will always be days where I feel like the juggling act gets too much, then I’ll wake up the next day and go back to normal. Of course I would never for a second change any of it. I think it’s a positive thing to blog about the not so good days so I will be able to read my blog back myself and see how the good days and good memories I am building will always weigh out the bad days. 

This working mama bear will juggle whatever i need to, to make sure my children have the best upbringing with 2 parents that do whatever they need to, I can only hope they will have a strong work ethic like we do 🌿 🌲🍁🌻🌷


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