A White Christmas ❄️

We have had the most amazing weekend….. it’s finally snowed in December! This never happens we have not had proper snow in so many years. It was especially special because Ava has never seen snow before.

I wish I would of filmed her first reaction when I took her to the window and first showed her the snow, she was amazed! It was incredible watching how excited she got, nothing makes December more special than having snow ⛄️

n't think she would like it, she's very picky and doesn't like to be messy or wet like if she drops even a drop of water on herself she makes me change her she hates it! I thought once she went outside and realised how wet and cold it is she would hate it! To my surprise she absolutely loved it and helped me and friends make snowmen, we played outside for ages. It's been amazing ❄️

It’s been extra special also because Anthony actually managed to have a day off work due to them closing because of the snow. We rarely get days off together as it is let alone in December. We went on a snowy walk around our estate and we built a snowman with my dad, it was so much fun being able to do something festive together as a family and we created some amazing memories for Ava to look back at ❤️

As winter is my all time favourite season anyway and with how much I am already obsessed with Christmas this snow was such an added bonus! However I am hoping it’s melts slightly as I have lots of places to go and people to see before December ends and driving in snow with Ava gives me lots of anxiety! 🎅🏼

When we first bought this house I had a vision of cuddling on the sofa and watching the snow through our French doors, I can’t believe it has actually snowed it’s been amazing 🎅🏼 I’m just even more excited for the rest of December 🎄

This December is one we will remember forever- the December Ava first saw snow ❄️


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