My baby turned 2 🍁

Last week was a very big week, my little baby turned two years old!! How did that even happen. I still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday, like I always say it’s bitter sweet watching her grow up, I will forever want to rewind and turn her back into my newborn but watching her become this beautiful little toddler is amazing 🐻 

I spent most of last week prepping for her party, Thursday I made a rainbow woodland cake and on the Friday I made woodland style cupcakes with moss and toadstools, so many glittery cookies. Thankfully everything turned out really good and tasty. 

She has so many presents, she’s one very lucky girl 🌻 she had her teepee ⛺️ which she loves, I filled it with pillows and a cosy blanket so she can sit in there and read. She’s had a tinker bell, fairy table and chair set which she loves! So many accecories for her babies, we officially have a doll nursery in our house now! And she had a dolls house that she is obsessed with. Her room looks amazing with all her new toys. She had some beautiful clothes that I can’t wait to get her in to. It was so much fun having everyone here to celebrate for her

We have just about organised the house with all her new toys, we definitely need an extra room for her to have every toy out! I cannot believe my little girl is a toddler already, time goes by in a heartbeat once you have children 👨‍👩‍👧 

On her actual birthday on the Sunday we took her to one of our local farms, she loves being able to feed all the animals once she got comfortable and had a run around. She was very tired from the whole weekend but it was nice to watch her with the animals as that’s one thing I’m obsessed with and hope she grows up to love it just as much 🦌 

All in all it was another successful birthday for my princess 🌻 


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