My nearly 2 year old 

I really cannot believe my little girl is going to be 2 in 3 months! Time has absolutely flown by, I feel like it was 5 minutes ago I was giving birth to her! Time goes way too quickly when you have children, everyone always tells me to cherish every moment and they are completely right because they are literally only babies for a second 

She has definitely developed a strong personality of her own, she’s going to give me a run for my money as she gets older! Complete mini me…. DIVA. If she doesn’t want to do something she will make it very clear to you, she knows her own mind already!

Although she does her her tantrums and has moments when she’s slightly devilish she’s also the sweetest, happiest little girl you’ll ever meet, she absolutely melts my heart sometimes she just grabs my face if I’m not looking at her and kisses me! I can’t even explain how much my heart melts when she does that. I love taking her out to the park and to feed the ducks she loves chucking the feed to them and watch them all swim to her, watching her get excited and enjoy exploring the outdoors is amazing I am beyond proud that she my baby girl 

She eats loads of different foods, getting slightly more fussy than she was before always has days where she barely eats and days when she eats everything in sight… at the moment she has a thing for stealing dry pasta to eat out of the cupboard! She’s talking slowly she says ‘shoe’ ‘no’ ‘dadda’ and ‘hiya’ she can say mama but chooses not to and calls me by my real name instead! 

She sleeps through the night… every now and again we will have a iffy night but 9 times out of 10 she sleeps through. Last few nights she’s taken a long time to actually fall asleep you can hear on through the monitor playing in her cot for ages before she eventually falls asleep! But I’m glad she’s learnt how to get herself to sleep now 

She loves being around my friends children she gets so excited, she’s so gentle with the babies it’s amazing to watch her I cannot wait to give her a sibling one day and watch her become an amazing big sister! We have just celebrated another one of my friends baby shower and are now on the 3 weeks countdown for her baby boy to arrive.. another boy for Ava to boss around! We are all very excited for the new arrival and we have just welcomes another baby boy into the family so she is going to grow up surrounded by boys! I’ve always said I hope I have a boy next time but now I know I will be so happy for another girl so she has a sister to play with as well as all the boys! 

Her second birthday is in full motion planning wise.. it’s a woodland princess theme! I am obsessed with anything woodland/rustic so I’ve gone down that road for this years party…. I’m also obsessed with anything bohemian so I might keep that idea for birthday number 3! Yes I’m a weird control planning freak! I am excited to get all her gifts sorted (of course I have no idea what to buy because she has everything) but I am excited to watch her open her own presents this year and hopefully be a lot more talkative!!! 

I’m not going to pretend it’s the easiest job in the world and I’m the perfect mother because there is definitely times when she is playing up that I want to just scream and lock myself in a quiet room for a minute but then she will come up to me with her cheeky smile that she does when she knows she’s been naughty and hug my leg and of course she has me wrapped around her little finger and she manages to make me forget all about her being naughty!! As much as I would do anything to turn the clock back and have her a tiny baby again I am so excited to watch her grow and learn to talk more so she then understands what I mean when I say NO AVA! 

My little baby bear 🌻🌻🌻🌻

I havnt got time to go through this blog and correct spelling mistakes as she is currently crying upstairs and won’t go to sleep…. time to go and get her to sleep as it’s 3 hours past her bedtime!!!!! Mom life ay…… 


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