Life idols 

So this post I’m going to talk about 3 woman that for me are big inspirations/heros in my life, and woman I admire and look up to. 

The first one is Brie Bella. 🌻

I have followed her for so long, I love wrestling and the Bella Twins have always been my number ones. Brie is someone who I definitely aspire to be like, her style first of all is something that I love she’s a real bohemian queen and that’s something I am a little obsessed with. I love her home style also she’s very farmhouse, rustic loving and so am I. I just think she’s such a strong, independent woman and watching her go through her pregnancy just inspires me to be more like her. My next pregnancy I hope to enjoy it as much as she has with hers. She makes me want to feel more confident about my style and makes me want to concentrate on myself more like living a more healthy lifestyle and being more adventurous with my family! I really am slightly obsessed with her. Love love love. ❤️

The second is Chelsea Houska 🦌

I’ve followed her on 16 & pregnant and teen mom 2 since I was around 16 years old. Her style is my style she lives in camo and plaid and so do I, I have a thing for slogan t shirts like mama bear ect and she’s always wearing cool hair accessories and t shirts. I have always thought she was beautiful and loved her style and her home is like my dream home!! I love that she’s so fun and silly and she’s got such a bond with her daughter. She definitely gives me home goals and style tips whenever she’s wearing something i would die for her wardrobe. I love that she lives in this little town in America with her perfect little family. my biggest dream in my life has always been to move to America and live in a little small rustic town in a cabin style home with stags everywhere! More love love love. ❤️

Lastly is Adrienne Houghton 🌷

I watch her on the real all the time and she is just an incredible woman, her body is just amazing and I love how proud she is of being Latina, growing up I always wished I was a mix of something exotic and not just a simple English girl. I love her personality, I love how much she loves herself and her family and friends and her husband. I definitely look up to her and try to teach myself that in order to fully love my loved ones and be 100% happy with my life I have to first love myself and not always think so negative about my insecurities. I need to concentrate on what I do have and make them the best they can be and she makes me want to do that whenever I watch her. Huge amounts of love for this woman ❤️ 


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