Terrible 2’s come early 

So Ava is now 20 months…. but recently from her tantrums you would definitely think she is in the terrible 2’s already. 

Shes not naughty all the time she’s actually really well behaved and the most cutest, loving little girl you’ll ever meet…. until she doesn’t get her own way or she’s tired or just point blank doesn’t want to listen to the word ‘no’ 

We have also recently had issues with bath time… from the day she was born she has always been a massive water baby, always absolutely loved bath time, but the past few weeks she all of a sudden hates baths…. screams and cries and refuses to sit down! I have spent the last 3 weeks bathing her standing up! I am really devastated  because bath time was always my favourite time of day, I love nothing more than getting her all clean and cosy ready for bed and I always read her a story whilst she plays in the bath but now our routine has to change for the time being so it’s bath her as quick as possible then calm her down and ger her ready for bed and happy again! I am praying she grows out of this very very quickly!! 

She hasn’t had a Temper tantrum in public yet but there has been occasions where she has sat on the floor in shops and refuses to move if I don’t let her pull everything off the shelves! She also insists on constantly walking and won’t let me sit her in her pram…. world war 3 will happen if I try and put her in her buggie! Unless she’s absolutely exhausted which is rare as she seems to have so much energy these days and mostly misses her nap during the day! 

She’s still in a really good routine, sleeps from 7-7:30, eats her food really well likes a lot of different foods, also has a major sweet tooth. She’s obsessed with peppa pig, she can work out how to find YouTube on my phone and the iPad and get peppa up, I do try and get her out and about more now especially in the recent nice weather so she isnt just sat watching tele all day, even though I want her to enjoy programmes and grow up with her favourite shows and movies like I did I also want to make sure she reads books and explores outside! 

Well I am not looking forward to her actual terrible 2’s if it means these tantrums are going to get worse, especially in public I still need to learn how to handle them without wanting to die of embarrassment when my child is lying on the floor 🙈 all fun and games being a first time mommy!


Of course I wouldn’t change it for the world, she’s coming a long amazing she’s so funny, she copies us all the time and has us in stitches, she’s really trying with her talking now I don’t think it will be long before she’s speaking properly, she understand everything we tell her but she doesn’t speak back with a lot of actual words yet, I am so excited to see what her voice will sound like 🌎 


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