18 months 

I am a little in shock that my baby is 18 months today. I feel like this is a big milestone, 18 months just sounds so big! I get so emotional watching her grow up and watching her develop I will always want to just roll back the clock to the days when we used to snuggle and lie on the sofa all day 😭 

18 month check up: 

  • running around everywhere – she loves walking and running
  • Eats everything, loves her food, her favourite is brocolli and cauliflower, also loves chocolate I let her have snacks but try and limit it 
  • She is very vocal now, she says hiya, ta, momma and dadda, she doesn’t say them regularly but she can say these. She’s very Vocal and always speaks in her own little language. I’m working really hard trying to get her speech going 
  • She sleeps from 7pm until about 8-8:30 
  • She is obsessed with pepper pig and Ben and holly, when I watch her whilst she’s watching them she constantly smiles to herself 🐷
  • She loves everyone playing with her, she will grab our fingers and pull us to her play area 
  • She loves snuggling up, I often find her grabbing a blanket and lieing on the sofa with a pillow 
  • She is very loving and caring she has 2 baby toys that she always picks up and cuddles and kisses it’s adorable 

I’m already starting to plan her second birthday…. I’m going for a woodland/rustic theme because I’m just obsessed with this theme in general, I’m excited to start buying stuff and getting organised!

As much as I am obsessed with winter/autumn I am now getting excited for summer so I can take her out and about and not be stuck inside all the time. It’s been amazing staying cosy but she’s definitely at the age now where she needs to go out to parks and on day trips to run around and experience new things! I want to take her everywhere in summer like zoo’s, farms, the beach I want her to love farms and animals like I do 😍

I am extremely excited this week because there is going to be a new baby within the next few days when my best friends baby decides to finally make an appearance. Another one of my best friends has also just found out she is having a little boy so we are all more than excited about 2017 👶🏼👶🏼 I can’t even describe how excited I am to watch how Ava reacts around these new babies and to watch them grow up together. I’ll be able to see what she will be like as a big sister for when we eventually have another baby ❤ 

She’s going to be 2 before I know it so I’m trying to savour every moment I spend with her whilst she’s little ❤ 

My beautiful deer Ava Georgina Scott 💖🦊🐯🦌 


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