My toddler won’t sleep

Why is it that when you get your child into a perfect night time routine they decide this isn’t what they want to do anymore? My daughter has decided she is no longer going to go to bed at 7pm and sleep through until 8am 😭 

As any mom and dad will know after having a child and experiencing them first few weeks of complete and utter life draining exhaustion… we now cherish every minute of sleep we get so now that Ava has decided I am not going to get this anymore I am extremely heartbroken! I am praying she is just going through a phase. 

I know my child and obviously if she was waking up because she was in pain (mainly through teething) or I think sometimes she might be having a bad dream? But 9 times out of 10 she just wants some attention. So what do I do? Do I keep getting up and keep cuddling her, put her in our bed to just mess around and not sleep, or do I stand in her room so she can look at me and still not go to sleep. Do I leave her to cry and eventually she will fall asleep? I do a mix of these each night to be honest. As much as leaving her to cry is heart breaking, I feel like she’s at the age now where she needs to learn that she cannot act like this all through the night she needs to go to sleep on her own. 

Being a parent is literally the hardest job in the world, the best job I can ever imagine but definitely the most challenging also. I do eventually want another baby so I am determined to teach Ava about a decent sleeping routine because I can’t imagine being up all night breast feeding my next child and then having Ava acting up also! 

When Ava used to wake up and night and play up I used to be able to breast feed her and she would fall right back to sleep…. I’m so upset I can’t do this anymore!! 

Let’s all please pray for me and my sleep, and hope my child learns very quickly that she is not going to mess around at night time after she has done so well for the past year with her sleep! 

Mama bear xoxoxo 


2 thoughts on “My toddler won’t sleep

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  1. Yes my baby turning toddler in 1 weeks’ time has cut her afternoon nap from 2hrs to 1hr! I’m soooooo worried about her lack of sufficient day sleep. Because she doesn’t nap any other times except that afternoon nap now.

    Hang in there! This phase sh pass real soon! Xoxo


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