The toddler and the Christmas tree 

Well we are really enjoying the festive season! Ava is fascinated by the Christmas lights and all the decorations. It’s amazing celebrating Christmas especially now having my own daughter. 

She has definitely taken a liking to the Christmas tree… pulling off the baubles and trying to put them back on the tree, it’s funny watching her trying to put them back on but I wish she would look with her eyes and not her hands which obviously will never happen!

I have bought her a beautiful Christmas story book that I have been reading to her every night. It contains different Christmas stories and songs. She loves looking at the pages whilst I read it. I will always make sure I read to her I am obsessed with buying her story books!

I am all set for Christmas, all presents are bought and wrapped. We have already given out a few and had some Christmas celebrations with family and friends. I can’t wait for Ava to open all her gifts 🎁 

I still can’t stop buying Christmas decorations I am obsessed I think! But I am determined to make my house as Christmassy as possible every year for my family ❤🎄🎁👶🏼🎅🏼


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