12-18 months 

So I was never really sure what to expect from Ava at her age now, she’s just over 15 months, she’s got an amazing little personality she’s so loving, caring, funny and helpful. She loves giving kisses the most. She has her own language that she basically just shouts at you and drags you to what she wants it’s really funny to watch. 

She is saying momma and Hiya and sometimes Dadda, think it will be a while before she starts to say more words. She’s so fast as walking now she’s already on her second pair of proper walking shoes! She’s come along amazingly I cannot believe she was once my 6lbs 3oz newborn! 

Her hair is finally starting to grow and it’s a beautiful blonde colour that matches her gorgeous dark green eyes. Obviously every mother thinks their child is beautiful but she really is ❤️

There is also hard times i have with her now. She does understand the word no but constantly likes to ignore it, gets in everywhere she isn’t supposed to. She is a bit of a monkey at night time as well she will go down fine then about an hour later get up and cry for some more cuddles which is fine but when she doesn’t go back down it’s frustrating. What do I do… stand there and rock her until she falls asleep or leave her to cry and realise she isn’t going to do this every night. As much as I despise leaving her to cry it out I feel like I have to do this because she’s only getting older and needs to learn this isn’t happening every night. I want another baby in the future probably sooner rather than later so I don’t want to have this happen whilst i have another newborn. 

I also have this time to relax and have some me time so I am in the process of a bit of tough love at night times even though all I want to do is go up and lie next to her in her cot but I have to be strong!

Christmas is right around the corner so I am so excited, my favourite time of year!! I have gone a little crazy with decoration purchases, but i aim to make my home a grotto for my baby every year and for my friends and family to enjoy with me 🎄 

I have absolutely fallen in love with the rustic, plaid, stag, dark wood furniture decor, and I think as Christmas is coming this ties in well with my theme for my home. I will probably fight with Anthony to keep most of my decorations up all year as most of them are things I could use all year around

Update coming when my home is a grotto 🎄🎄🎄


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