Celebrating Halloween 

So I’ve gone a bit Halloween crazy ever since October 1st hit. 

Filling my house with little accecories, carving pumpkins and getting Ava cute Halloween outfits to wear throughout the month. 

My halloween experiences used to be getting dressed up and going on a night out with my friends but obviously the past 2 years have drastically changed that for me. And thank god I hate dressing up and nights out are not my cup of tea anymore!

I have had so much fun watching Halloween films like hocus pocus with Ava and taking her pumpkin picking. I am determined to make holidays like this a huge deal with my children, even though Ava is only one I will do this every year with her so we have family traditions.

I always love this time of year as it means summer is over and gorgeous autumn is here, and then we have Christmas just around the corner! 

I can’t wait to one day look back on these pictures with Ava and tell her stories of what we used to do when she was younger 🎃


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