Baby routines 

I’ve always liked to have Ava in a routine from day to day since she was a few months old. I think it’s important for her to have the same nap times and meal times as she grows so she gets used to having structure.

I’ve always had her in a sleeping routine ever since she was around 5-6 months old and it’s worked well especially when trying to get her to sleep in her own bed which she did do very early on, I was so happy with her progress from her Moses basket to her cot, for me it was important to have her get used to sleeping in her own bed. 

Her routine today is 

  • Wake up at 7 (pretty much every morning between 7-7:30) 
  • Breakfast 
  • She always has her morning nap around 10-11 for about an hour or so. I love this point as it’s when we get to have some proper cuddles 
  • She has her lunch between 12-12:30 and then it’s playtime 
  • 5-5:30 is tea time 
  • 6:30 we go upstairs for bath time and then it’s straight to bed

It took ages for us to be able to put her down in her cot without her already being asleep, but now she falls asleep on her own and we just stand by the door she she knows we are still there 

I much prefer her only having one nap so by bed time she is so tired she will just go straight to sleep

A routine probably isn’t for every family with a small child but for us this works perfectly. Obviously her meal times are not exact everyday but it’s always around them times. 

This year as bonfire night is coming up I want to take her to see some fireworks but this will mean she will be up past her bed time but I’m sure one night won’t do any harm! 

Halloween is also coming up and I will be taking her pumpkin picking which I am excited about and then of course Christmas which is my all time favourite time of year 🎄I cannot wait to celebrate Christmas and Halloween and all holidays every year with her I want them to be a big deal in our house ❤️ 

I will try and do the same routines with my future children also as I am really happy with how we are doing now 


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