Goodbye summer 

Summer is officially over and I could not be happier! I’ve always hated summer I love the autumn/winter months 🎃🍂☃️🎄

I am so excited for Halloween, not that I will be going out this year dressed up I think them days for this mommy are over but I love putting little Halloween decorations around the house, watching really old horror movies and of course my favourite hocus pocus! And getting Ava a Halloween outfit is so much fun. This year I have booked for her to go pumpkin picking which I am very excited about and will make this a yearly tradition 🎃 

I have recently become obsessed with home decor especially the rustic, cabin/woodland look which little by little I am decorating my house with. And I find adding little autumn, Halloween decorations ties in really well. Of course I am more excited to get my Christmas decorations out and turn my home into a grotto… Ava and her future siblings will grow up with Christmas being a huge event in this household as it has always been my most favourite time of the year 

I can’t wait to have cosy nights at home with my friends, I have already bought Ava a lot of warmer clothes but I love wrapping her up in winter coats and jumpers with tights that’s my favourite part. Waking up to crisp, frosty mornings makes me so excited ❤️ 

Happy October ❤️🎃🍁🍂🕯☕️🌒🕸


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