My walking adventurer 

So Ava is now officially a walking (kind of running) little toddler. It is so surreal to me still watching her walking around she is so independent now it’s amazing to watch 

We have just purchased her first pair of proper shoes and she loves them, they are really helping her with balance and means we can go on lots of outdoor adventures now she can walk around with proper shoes on. She loves being outside I always want to take her in woodland walks and adventures as she grows up 

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months since her birthday, I thought I would be really sad that her brithday is over and she’s now just going to grow bigger and bigger but I am really enjoying her age now. She’s developed such an amazing little personality, she’s the most loving little girl you could ever meet. I took her to a playgroup last week and she went around all the other children giving them kisses and cuddles she’s the sweetest ❤️ 

I am so proud that me and her daddy have raised such a happy, loving beautiful little girl she is incredible. She amazes me more and more everyday! 

We have a routine for everyday now, she eats everything I make for her she’s definitely not fussy, she is bathed at 6:30 every night and now goes straight to bed without much fuss from me and her daddy which is a miracle considering how clingy she was to me for her first year! I now have my own time in the evenings to relax which is so nice! 

I am so happy and content with life at the moment. I have the most amazing friends and family and I get to wake up everyday and be a mommy, there is nothing else in this world I would want 


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