Friendship circles

Even though my blog is primarily about my daughter I sometimes like to write about other topics that are dear to me as well, one being my amazing group of friends.

I have been obsessed with sex and the city for years it’s like my bible guide to life, what I love most is the friendship they share together and that’s exactly what I have with my 4 best friends we are so lucky we have each other!

We have been through thick and thin together, we have had many, many crazy drunken nights out which will give us hilarious memories to talk about forever. You have a worry as you get older and you start to live your own life that you may drift from friends but we are the type of friends that all live our own individual lives but always make sure we see each other at least once a week. We talk everyday and to me there is nothing I would want more in a group of close friends. We know we have each other to lean on, we can go to each other for advice on anything, or just to have a rant about something we are annoyed about. 

As time moves you on and you get older you start to grow out of friends that are not meant to be in your life and life events such as having a child or getting into a serious relationship or a demanding job, the friends that are there at the end of a long day to pop round for a cuppa or to call just for a chat are definitely the ones you need to hang on to and that’s exactly what our group is ❤️

We couldn’t be a closer bunch, so a blog post to show my love and appreciation for my amazing friends is needed now and again as I feel so lucky I have them all. We couldn’t be any closer or have any more love for each other, I was even lucky enough to have my oldest friend of 20 years there at the birth of my daughter. 

We may grow up and settle down and start families but I know we are all at the point in life now where we are just excited to be there and be apart of each of our journeys. We cannot wait to be old ladies (+ gent) sitting around drinking cocktails, reminiscing and remembering how lucky we are to have each other. 

Love to you all B, C, N + F ❤️❤️ 


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