Baby to toddler in a flash 

So, Ava is officially walking now. Seems like she woke up one day and decided she was just going to walk around rather than crawl. I can’t actually get over it 

I watch her walking around now or if I hear her coming into a room and turn around and find she has walked I am still just in shock a little bit. I am the proudest parent imaginable! We will soon be taking her to buy her first pair or proper shoes once she is walking for a few more weeks. 

I look back at my photo albums from her being a newborn all the time, I think I always will do that because I will never be able to fully get over how fast she has grown up. I can’t believe she used to sleep all day on my chest, she once relied on me to hold her head up and now she walks circles around me. 

My heart will always have a slight ache because I will never have her as my tiny baby again but I’m really enjoying her age now. She’s so funny, she babbles all day trying to have conversations with everyone, she’s so cheeky and stubborn. She’s growing into a amazing little girl I am just emotional all the time because I am so proud. Becoming a mother had turned me into a emotional wreck!! 

I now have a lot more freedom again as she no longer feeds from me, she also doesn’t need me there to put her to bed so me and her dad can now share that responsibility which is nice, I’m definitely ready to enjoy the rest of this year with my little family of 3 before we expand. 

My favourite time of year is slowly upon us Autumn/winter so i can now look forward to things like Halloween and Christmas and I’ve kitted Avas wardrobe out with her winter wear. 

I am enjoying every single moment with her and I always will make sure I do before she grows up and becomes a independent girl! But I will do whatever I need to do to make sure we stay best friends forever ❤️ 


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