My breastfeeding story 

So when I first became pregnant I didn’t like there idea of breastfeeding, i was slightly selfish and thought of things like well I don’t want it to ruin my boobs and I would never have confidence to do it in public ect… As I spoke to my midwife more and more and attended breast feeding classes I started to realise how amazing it would be and how good it would be for my baby so from then i decided I was definitely going to try it but always made sure I wouldn’t be disheartened if the baby didn’t take to it!

I was extremely lucky that Ava did latch straight away, I had no dramas with it I was so happy. It was incredible for me, of course there was downsides to it but the bond I created with her was the best feeling in the world 

The downsides did take over for the first few weeks, I was obviously absolutely exhausted, my boobs were so sore I couldn’t bare to let her near them after day 3 but I knew I didn’t want her to switch to formula so I powered through and just took deep breaths every time she latched…. After that split second of extreme pain it was okay. I lived for this cream…. 

This saved my life, and I was so happy that I could put it on and not worry about Ava feeding after as it didn’t harm her in anyway. 

I did express bottle for about 2 months, I didn’t do it for night feeds as Anthony has such a demanding job hours wise I decided I would do all the night feeds and get into a routine with myself and Ava. I expressed so I could let other people watch her and feed her when they visited so she wasn’t permanently attached to me as it’s hard to show her off when she’s not stopping feeding from Me.

She then however refused a bottle so I had no choice but to feed her myself up until 6 months when I weaned her off during the day. I then only breast fed her morning and night until about a week ago when she was coming up to 12 months. I only planned on doing it for 6 months but as she wouldnt have a bottle I had no choice but to carry on… By this point it was second nature to me. 

Present day 

She is now 1 years old and I am officially not feeding her anymore. My boobs are so sore, well ‘boob’ she has always fed from one more than the other so I have always had one bigger than the other… For about 3 months I have only used one boob so I am now waiting for this one to lose the milk! 

I will never regret my decision to breastfeed her, she has had the best start possible in life, I had that even closer bond with her from doing it. I had a cover like a apron to feed her in public which was scary at first but you couldn’t even tell I was feeding her. I definitely had plenty of moments of wanting to quit.. Especially at the start when she cluster fed which meant she didn’t just have one feed and then sleep for hours she fed for hours instead bit by bit so you can imagine how much free time I had to shower or wash up… ZERO! Yeah my boobs are not as perky as they was but who cares, I’m a mom… I have smaller boobs and stretch marks! Embrace your mommy figures… I will do it again and again for all my future children 


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