Ava turns one!!! 

Well today was the day, my beautiful 6pound  3oz baby daughter turned one. What an emotional and incredible day.

We threw her a princess style party with lion king/jungle theme thrown in, I have always used a jungle theme for her bedroom, she is my little cub 🐯 

We had all our closest family and friends round, a bbq and tons of cakes! We have so many presents we can barely see our living room floor… Safe to say she is one very lucky little girl! 

I am overwhelmed with happiness, sadness that she is growing up so fast, and love for everyone who shows her so much love 

12 month update:

  • NO MORE BREASTFEEDING….. After one year I have officially stopped feeding her, it’s surreal!! And will take us both a while to adjust, I will miss her needing me for her food supply so much more than I ever imagined
  • She eats everything like a big girl now and will only eat if she can feed herself
  • She is standing alone and taking 1-2 steps before grabbing onto something so she is extremely close to walking 
  • She has developed such a beautiful personality she is so funny and loud!! She loves to shout her words when we are out and about making everyone around her laugh as they walk by 
  • She is now my stunning toddler ( will take me so long to get used to that )

Like I always say it’s so bittersweet watching her grow, she’s 1 years old now she will only develop faster and faster from here, I will forever miss her being a tiny baby again that cuddled me all day but I just adore watching her grow up. Tomorrow we are taking a family trip to the zoo for the first time as I felt it was only right to take her to the zoo as her whole life so far has been themed around jungle animals 

Happy first birthday my stunning, Beautiful, perfect little daughter 💕 I love you more than words can describe ❤️❤️ 


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