New toys 

So as Ava’s first birthday is coming up we could not decide on a present for her, as most moms will probably agree it’s a hard birthday to buy for as our babies will already have everything they need and more at this point. 

So after much searching we decided on getting her a Smart Trike. It was daddy’s idea and I was a bit sceptical at first didn’t know if I would feel a bit silly pushing her around in one and if it would be comfortable enough for her!

As it arrived yesterday we are too impatient and decided to let her have it early as she obviously doesn’t understand this year, we took her out in it today for the first time around our local town park to test it out.

I have to say I am so happy we bought one. It’s so easy to push I was able to push with one hand without any force when turning side to side, it doesn’t collapse to put into the car which I was a bit worried about but it fits perfectly in my boot of my car and there is no hassle when I’m getting it out ready to put her in it. She loved it as well she was holding onto the handle bars trying to steer it herself

I would definitely recommend it, I was thinking of getting her a smaller buggy now she’s bigger but I think I’m going to stick with the pram we already have and use this as much as possible. We need to buy the rain cover just in case and she didn’t fall asleep in it im still hoping she’s comfortable enough to sleep in it as it does recline but not as much as her pram 

Happy early birthday our princess ❤️


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