Times have changed 

This morning I woke up (well should I say Ava woke me up) at about 7:20am … That’s actually a lie in for me these days. We always have a cuddle before going downstairs. I then gave her breakfast and then washed up, tidied up the kitchen, emptied the wash basket and did some laundry and showered. I was ready and Ava was dressed by 10am. 

Once I was ready I looked at the time and when I realised how early it was. I thought to myself wow how times have changed since I have become a mom.

My days before being mom were so different. My life revolved around my work as I worked long shifts and did sleep ins so I was barely home. On my days off or on days when I didn’t start work until 3pm I slept in till around 10:30 and sometimes wouldn’t even leave bed until I really had to. I used to be able to pop to the shop or go anywhere I wanted without a second thought…..

Now my lie ins are anything past 7am…. I am a house (non) wife and I get satisfaction from cleaning and having a tidy home. My happy place is being cosy at my house with my family and friends, I hate being out the house past 5pm as Ava is in such a routine now with dinner and bedtime. I can’t go anywhere without thinking before hand what do I need to take with me for Ava even if it’s walking to the shop. I havnt had a bed day in nearly a year now my only chill time is after her bed time, which isn’t for long because I know I need to be asleep before 11:30 so I have energy for the next day 

It’s crazy how my life has changed now since becoming a mom, I wouldn’t change it for the world, I just sometimes think back and think about how different my life was. 


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