11 months 

One month today Ava is 1 years old, it’s gone so fast I feel like I brought her home from the hospital yesterday. Bitter sweet always!! Watching her grow into this funny, clever little girl has been the best thing in the world but ill forever miss the days where she used to sleep on me all day ❤️

11 month update:

  • Crawling, standing up, climbing over everything, standing alone
  • Climbing stairs
  • Now says ‘ba ba’ ‘hiya’ and ‘dada’ 
  • Recently decided she doesn’t like her meals I used to make for her so we now have to give her whatever we are having for meals. And she will only feed herself
  • She now has also decided she will drink from a bottle- of course after nearly a year of breast feeding! But better late than never 
  • In bed asleep by half 7, wakes at around 7. 
  • Has developed such a funny. Happy little personality!

She changes every single day, the new routine of me working part time now and her getting used to not being with me 24/7 has been really good for both of us. I will always find it difficult leaving her now but I am so happy I have got some independence back! 

Her party preparations are nearly complete and we are still deciding on what present to get her as she has everything she needs but I want her to have things to open on the day! 

Everyday I am amazed on how I made such a beautiful, amazing, clever little girl I am so lucky!


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