HELP- my child doesn’t like food anymore

I’ve always bragged and been so proud of how well Ava has been since she has started weaning. She has eaten everything I have given her she has always loved her food. 

Not anymore….

The past few days have been a huge battle to get her to eat her food. We at first put it down to her being unwell which she still is a little so I think that’s part of the reason, she’s also teething very badly which is another BUT she is just not interested in anything I give her and I’m getting really worried.

This has been happening since Wednesday night and it’s now Saturday evening…. She hasn’t eaten a full meal since Wednesday lunch time… Have her tastebuds suddenly changed? 

She won’t even feed herself I’ve tried everything I can think of, she’s eating fruit and having a pick at anything me or her dad eats but she just isn’t eating enough. I also still only feed her from myself morning and night and don’t have enough milk flow to do it during the day anymore. 

I’m in a bit of a mommy nightmare with this and not sure what to do next.. Accept for hope and pray she snaps out of it 
HELP mommys… I can’t deal with this scene for much longer 


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