Developing toys 

As Ava has gotten older we have tried to buy her toys to help with her development, here is a few toys I’ve found have helped so far….

This tree toy is amazing for her, it has so many different elements that have helped her with development. Firstly it’s helped her to stand up on her own and pull herself up, she has learned how to flip the book and make the noise, it’s taught her how to press the buttons and also she knows that spinning the centre part makes different sounds and animal noises. It also has a part for the shapes to be put through the right holes. She knows now she needs to put the blocks in the holes which I think is such a clever thing to learn at her age, she copies me and her daddy when we do it. Very good purchase 

This was a Christmas present from her grandparents, it again helped her with pulling herself up. For this she has learned how to put the balls in the monkeys hat, she then knows how to press the nose and then the balls are realised into the bottom part which she catches and puts back in the hat. I’m really impressed with how she has learned how to it. My clever baby girl 

This is a very popular toy I think most parents buy when it’s time for their baby’s to start learning how to walk. Again amazing for her to learn how to put her feet In the right positions for walking, she’s got the hang of it so quickly using this I am very happy with this purchase.

She also has a lot of touch and feel books, if I point to the part she is meant to feel she will copy me and touch it. I am so excited to teach her new things as she grows it’s amazing to watch her copy me.

My heart and soul ❤️


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