Sleepless in the heat 

So summer has finally hit us, the heated nights, scorching days are here! This is the first proper heat Ava has experienced since she has been born and it’s not gone great. 

I am very much a winter person, I adore winter and the cooler seasons I have never been a fan of summer I hate being hot. And now having a unsettled baby because of the sun really irritates me! I’m probably one of the only people in England right now who cannot wait for winter

Ava isn’t settling well at night or when it comes to bed time. We have had the same routine for months and months so she knows when bedtime is coming now. However, now it’s really muggy through the house she’s not going to sleep as she usually does, as soon as I put her in her cot(asleep), the door closes and there she goes crying getting up and standing in her cot in hysterics because I’ve left the room. After battling to get her back to sleep she wakes up at least one more time during the night and honestly it’s getting frustrating now.

Apart of me feels selfish for saying this but I am happy when she’s finally in bed, that’s my time to relax, tidy up, watch some tv and chill out before making sure I’m asleep before 12 to have energy for another crazy day being a mom to a nearly walking baby! It’s Especially frustrating when I have a 5:45 alarm set for work as well! 

Safe to say I am ready for summer to disappear so I have a sleeping baby again. I yet to experience a full night sleep, it’s happened probably no more than 10 times since she has been born! 

But I suppose it wouldn’t be the hardest job in the world if there wasn’t hard parts! 


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