10 months 

10 months ago today I was in full labour with my beautiful baby girl. 10 whole months have passed I cannot believe it! In 2 months time she is going to be 1, im happy and sad at the same time. 

10 months check up:

  • Eating everything you can imagine, meat, fish, any fruit and veg. Pretty much anything me or her daddy eats: she now climbs up us whenever we are eating and steals ours! She loves her food. I also love that we can go out and about to restaurants and she can eat from the kids menu 
  • She’s crawling and pulling herself up on everything- she will be walking in a matter or weeks which is just too much for me to handle emotionally (emotional momma)
  • She’s climbing stairs now, stair gates galore!!!
  • She’s babbling all the time- obviously I’m trying daily to teach her momma but nothing as of yet 
  • We have an amazing routine with her day to day- I now work part time and she’s adapted well to not being around me 24/7 
  • Feeding from me morning and night still- will be stopping me this all together when she turns 1 
  • She’s still so cuddly, I thought as she got bigger she would become less cuddly but she still likes to snuggle me and her daddy when she’s tired which makes us so happy. And now she climbs up us just for a hug and gives us kisses which is just an indescribable feeling 

This last month I feel like she’s developed so much more than previous months, she’s only got walking and talking left to accomplish. She’s so clever she knows how to play with different toys now she loves peppa pig she recognises the theme tune so we bought her 2 massive teddys of peppa and George. 

Her birthday party is coming together nicely, I’ve been planning it for a while but I’m nearly done buying all the princess themed supplies now I am very excited to celebrate that day with the people most important to us.

I am constantly looking back at her newborn pictures and wishing I could go back, but she’s absolutely amazing at her age now! Always a bitter sweet feeling. I cannot wait to give her a brother or sister but I am in such a nice routine with her now and have a bit of freedom back now so definitely not just yet! I have to plan everything around her schedule now, I don’t like to be out and about past 5 o’clock because tea time is 5/5:30 then it’s bath time at 7 then bed. If I’m meeting friends I am always the late one now as I have to put her to bed before I go. I wouldn’t change it for the world! 

If I could I would have a football team – I was definitely put on this planet to be a mommy ❤️


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