We have had a big week in our house hold. Ava now officially crawls and pulls herself up onto everything she can!! 

Of course the days I’m at work she decided she is going to do this so I missed her first official crawl, I did witness her trying loads but not the first official time but I’m so glad her dad was there. I did however witness her pull herself onto her feet for the first time which I think my heart skipped a beat because I was so shocked and excited.

It’s the bitter sweet feeling of being so proud and excited to watch her Grow and hit all these amazing mile stones and it’s also the sadness of knowing She’s not my little tiny baby anymore!

We now have a new routine of not being able to leave her alone for 2 seconds because she’s climbing up the tv unit and falling or crawling to try and grab wires, so this is definitely going to be fun! It’s about that time to baby proof the house I think! 


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