Time flies by 

We have hit 9 months today. How is my baby girl 3 months away from being 1?! I cannot believe it. The first year has definitely flown by!!

9 month catch up: 

  • Pretty much crawling now, a week or 2 and she will be properly crawling everywhere 
  • Eating absolutely everything and anything we make for her, fish pie is her latest fav! 
  • Loves standing up, she can stand alone holding onto furniture, I think she may walk before she properly crawls! 😊
  • Has 4 teeth
  • Loves making noises, she is so vocal now
  • Feeds from me just early morning and night time so mom has her life back a bit yay 
  • Laughs all the time, devolving such a beautiful personality! 

I am so proud of her. I recently started back at work and like any mom going back to work for the first time I was a nervous wreck! She was with her daddy for my first shifts back so I could relax and try and get back into work mode. She did amazingly of course so it will be nice to have a new routine of mommy working as well as daddy! 

Because I am a organised freak her birthday party plans are already in motion and decorations bought! 

My little 6 pound baby is growing so quickly I am so excited to watch her develop and hit all her milestones but I can’t help be sad she isn’t my tiny baby anymore. I guess that’s normal though 


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