Lack of milk 

Ever since Ava was first born we always tried to get her into some kind of routine. I have found that this always works well for a few weeks then one day she decides she no longer wants to follow this and it all changes. 

Since Ava has been weaning she has fed from me less and less, obviously no bottle still but we have a great routine going now where she feeds from me morning and night and has her normal foods throughout the day, however I now don’t produce half as much milk as I used to and I think I’m now not producing enough to satisfy her. She takes longer to put to bed at night she used to feed and go straight down through the night but the past few days she feeds then I put her down and she has a screaming match before exhausting herself out and falling asleep.

She still will not have a proper feed from a bottle it’s a daily battle until she finally learns that this is her milk source now. I never thought in a million years I would have such a fight with bottle feeding! 

I’m worried she’s not getting enough milk from me and next week I am back to work so it’s going to be a Struggle to relax until she has a bottle, breast feeding was totally worth all the pain and exhaustion but next time around I will definitely make sure my next baby in the future has plenty of expressed bottles to get him or her used to it and hopefully avoid this dilemma!!! 


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