Weaning part 3 

So Ava is doing so well with her weaning I am so proud of her. 

She’s still not on a bottle but she is only breast feeding off me Morning and night now which makes my life a lot easier! I worry she isn’t having enough milk but she seems to be growing amazingly so for now I think she’s doing fine. 

So now she has tried 


  • Potato, sweet potato, broccoli,cauliflower, carrot, parsnip, root vegetables, cucumber, red pepper 


Oranges (favourite), pear, Apple, strawberry, banana 
She also has all her baby snacks, toast, porridge, rice and plenty of water.

My next mission is meat and fish which I will be introducing to her. She has tried spaghetti Bolognese and liked that so I think she will take to this well. She pretty much eats whatever I give her she loves her food. I now can let others take her for a few hours or feed her whilst I do something else it’s so nice to be in such a comfortable routine with her now she’s not feeding from me as much.

Weaning is still as fun as ever and I watch her everyday grow and grow so I know what I am giving her is all good stuff. She couldn’t eat more fruit and veg if she tried!  



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