Baby Schedule

So, After having Ava we really wanted to try and get into some type of routine. The first few weeks were a blur and it took a while to try and get into a schedule.

Its extremely difficult to try and get into a routine for sleeping and feeding ect when you have a newborn, you have so many things to do, so many visitors, and the amount of feeds change, needs change, sleep patterns change so it was definitely a working progress. I remember I used to make myself go to bed every night at 10pm at the start. Ava slept pretty much all day and fed off me. Once Ant went back to work I tried to get my own schedule with her. It started to work I was getting a  bit more sleep before she woke up for her night feeds I think she started to know it was bed time once we was both tucked up. Even if i was not fully tired by that point I always made sure I was in bed with her for 10pm.


Once she was about 10 weeks and she transitioned into her Moses basket at night I started to try and put her down at around 9pm alone. First few nights I couldn’t cope with her being upstairs alone it broke my heart (of course she was perfectly fine) My camera monitor was a serious life saver. She started to sleep from around 9-3am and then went back off until around 7 so I was getting more sleep and starting to feel human again. I then always made sure she was in bed by 9pm

6 Months 

When she hit 6 months is when I really started to push scheduling and trying to get her into a good routine. I always gave her, her porridge around 9-10 o clock depending on when she had her morning nap. Then she would nap again between 10-2. 2pm would be dinner time and then she would have 2 more naps most of the time before bath time which is 7pm. I would then let her play until 8pm and then the last half an hour would be spent feeding her and putting her into bed in her cot.


Ava is nearly 8 months now and we have a strong routine going which I am very happy with. She wakes up about 6:30-7 and feeds from me. Around 9 she has her breakfast which consists of porridge, a bit of toast and now I am introducing fruit. Then she will feed off me and nap. I giver her dinner at about 1:30-2. Which is potato, veg and her snacks. She will then at some point feed off me again but sometimes she goes without. 5:30pm is tea time. Potato and veg again and whichever snacks she has in the cupboard. I like to experiment with her snacks so she gets used to different textures and finger foods. She then has her bath at 7pm, Straight into her night feed and sleep until morning! I am still on the bottle battle but she drinks lots of water throughout the day from her sippy cup so soon I will sneak in milk to replace water until she drinks it.

We are doing really well with our routine. It doesn’t always go to plan every day sometimes the times are changed depending on what we are doing but I am happy she is in a routine as it is so hard to try and get into. She is growing up so quickly its just the most incredible thing in the world to watch. I never knew actually how amazing being a mommy would feel but it is definitely an indescribable feeling.



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