My stretched marked body

So this post I am going to be very brave and show my stretch mark story so far. I’ve mentioned before that I am on a journey trying to love my new body now I have carried my beautiful daughter. About 6 months into my pregnancy I started to get stretch marks and by the time I was 8 and a half months pregnant they covered my stomach more or less. I at the time was really upset because I thought I am going to look disgusting forever but now I am 90% happy and proud of them and 10% still self-conscious about them which I think I always will feel.


About 3 weeks after having Ava my stomach flattened a lot, I still had like a sack like bulge but I was finally able to fit back into my old jeans which helped me start to gain some confidence again. Throughout my whole pregnancy and now to this day I don’t eat overly healthy I have a massive sweet tooth, and find it easier to have faster meals and quicker meals rather than finding the time to make healthy meals everyday. But i try to eat as good as I can. I breast feed Ava still so I always have to make sure I am eating enough and drinking enough. My stretch marks about 3 weeks after having Ava looked very vibrant and have only just started to fade and look less out there.


3 Weeks after birth

I started using stretch mark cream. I think as time has gone on they have started to fade naturally and as my stomach becomes flatter they don’t look as bad. Where I used to have my belly button pierced also stretched and looked horrible. But again it is now looking better and better every day.


I use this once a day everyday, It smells amazing, makes my belly so smooth and also definitely has helped my stretch marks fade faster. 

So now Ava is 7 and a half months old and I have been really trying to get my body back into some kind of decent shape. I have never been crazy on working out or eating healthy I used to go through fazes of going to the gym and trying diets but I have too much of a sweet tooth to stick to it. Since having Ava I have always had my treats and takeaways are a common occurrence as it is so much more convenient but I do stick to a routine workout everyday now and have done for the past 3 months as I feel I am still very young and want to feel nice about myself again even with my stretch marks and little lumps and bumps I have now from having my baby. I have been more dedicated now than ever before to do my workout everyday and I have never before stuck to one so much as I have done now. I am started to feel a lot better about myself and my stretch marks. I never want to lose lots of weight and be really skinny but I want to keep some sort of toned, curvy figure as much as I can.


7 1/2 months After birth 






2 thoughts on “My stretched marked body

  1. MrsMoore says:

    I’ve just got my first few which made me panic at first but I’ve accepted the fact it’s just what happens in pregnancy I still don’t like them & I’m doing my best to prevent them but I’ve promised myself I will not freak out when more inevitably appear lol x


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