Ava’s bedtime essentials

When Ava was first born she slept next to me for the first few weeks. For bedtime I always put her in baby grows with her hands covered, it was always very important to me that her hands were always covered because I was paranoid she would get cold during the night. She had no blankets of her own just shared one with me and I always put a blanket underneath her to save me having to wash baby sick off the bed sheets every day.


At around 7-8 weeks we moved her into her Moses basket. For night times I still only put her in sleep suits so her hands were kept warm. I now had a soft blanket underneath her, a comforter blanket as I always wants her to have one at bed time so she gets used to sleeping with it, I always put her in a sleeping bag and a blanket over the top (it was winter at this point) I loved her being all snug and cozy at night times!


At 5 months we made the scary transition of putting her into her own room in her big girl cot. I was really sad because I couldn’t tuck her in and keep her as cozy as she now moved about too much in her sleep. For night times now I put her in big girl pajamas as I no longer cover her hands up and she looks too cute in her little pj’s I do also use sleep suits a lot to. I put her in a sleeping bag every night so it keeps her warm as she rolls around her cot in her sleep, I always have her comforter next to her in hopes as she grows she will use it to help her sleep peacefully and help her to self sooth. Once she is asleep I put a small blanket over her just for extra warmth, I always worry she is going to get cold during the night but as summer approaches I will just leave it to her sleeping bag. She sleeps perfectly fine with these essentials so far!


And of course the most important thing to have at night is big kisses off mommy and daddy before bed time!



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