The good the bad and the ugly

There are a million different good things, bad things and kind of ugly things that happen to your body throughout pregnancy and after having a baby. These are the lists of things that I personally found happened to me throughout my journey to motherhood.

The Good – 

There was so many things I enjoyed about being pregnant. For once I was excited about watching my stomach get fatter and fatter, I was able to eat whatever I wanted and more because I was eating for two, I had a good excuse to be lazy and do nothing on my days off work, I had a good reason to sleep more as pregnancy really took it out of me, Ant would always go to the shop and buy me whatever treat I was craving because I could always use the ‘I’m carrying your child’ bribe, If i was having days when I was in a horrible mood I could blame it on my hormonal changes and nobody would say anything to me because nobody wants to take on a pregnant person, And of course the best part is feeling your baby moving and seeing your body grow as your baby becomes more human and actual baby like.


The bad – 

There was also lots of things that I did not enjoy so much about being pregnant. I suffered badly with heartburn throughout my whole pregnancy, Needing the loo every 5 minutes was the most annoying thing in the world, trying to get some sleep whilst having to have a pillow holding up your belly was not fun but without it I would wake up with the worst back pain ever, Waddling up and down stairs, not being able to wear lots of layers because of hot flushes, constantly feeling hungry and craving a million different things each day. One of my worst ones was the jealousy I felt whenever someone came over to see Ava and as each one left I knew they could go home and have a nice relaxing sleep and I was in for another night of no sleep. To this day Ava still wakes up at least once during the night, but I am completely adapted to my new sleeping pattern.


The Ugly – 

Well for me the ugly was when I started to get stretch marks, the tired, make-up less face I worse for the first few weeks after birth, the sleepless nights that drain your soul, the pain of breastfeeding, the soreness and weakness I felt for the first 2-3 weeks after giving birth, the constant smell of baby sick over every item of clothing I owned, the jiggly belly I had for weeks and weeks after giving birth.


So now Ava is 7 months old. My bags under my eyes are not as bad but are definitely not disappearing anytime soon. I can now do hair and make up daily which makes me very happy and makes me feel better about myself. I fit back into all of my old clothes and constantly am getting told how skinny I look which is a nice thing to hear, I now have a daily routine of doing squats as that is the only part of my body I care to work out these days I don’t have the energy to work out anywhere else. My stomach is bloated more easily now but it has gone back to how it used to be, I have never been skinny I have always had curves which is what I think looks nice on any woman rather than being stick thin. My boobs are still as big as they ever were and thankfully don’t seem as damaged from breastfeeding as I thought they would be. I still have lots of stretch marks but they look a million times better than the did at first and will continue to fade.

I will never be truly happy with my body, but I think I have a bit of an excuse to have a bit of a podgy tummy still as I have had a child and I doubt my body will ever go back to completely how it used to be but that’s okay. I have to learn as long as I accept my body the way it is then that is all that matters. I will try to eat healthier as Ava gives me more time to prepare proper meals but for the time being it is a lot easier to grab something quick and easy. It will be a constant journey and I am sure I will have good and bad days but my body is the way that it is because I have created a human inside of it so it is definitely worth it.



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