Weaning part 2

So, Ava will be turning 7 months on Sunday (mothers day) and we have been getting on very well with her weaning. Still no bottle feeding unfortunately but she is very much enjoying her feeding now and I am loving experimenting with different flavors for her.

This has also been a big week in our household as she has cut her first 2 teeth (the sleepless nights continue) she looks so adorable when she smiles now and you can see them at the bottom. My baby is getting so big I cannot believe it!


So I figured now she has her first teeth I am going to try her on some snacks in between meals to try and fill her stomach a bit more. In all to try and stop her waking in the night as often!


At first I was reluctant to try her on these as I was very worried about them being a chocking hazard but to my surprise she absolutely loves them. She bites a bit off at a time, sucks it until its soggy then swallows it. It amazes me the natural instincts she has, I handed it to her for the first time and she knew just what to do! So these are a big hit! I’m always going to make her my own proper meals rather than shop bought but snacks and things I am very happy to give her different types of snacks between meals.


These are also a big hit with her. Again she knew exactly what to to once I gave it to her. I am trying to introduce as many different meals and snacks as I can so she doesn’t rely on me as much for food and it is definitely working! Still no bottle but I am now happy she still feeds from me so I have more of an excuse to be with her 24/7 even though I will soon be venturing out on my first night out (hoping she sleeps through)

We are now on 3 meals a day, still her porridge in the mornings. I did give her banana also but she didn’t take to it well so I am going to leave that for a few more weeks. Lunch now consists of potato, carrot and her snacks as I figured she mastered sweet potato so time for a change. And I have just introduced Butternut squash for dinner time. We are still in a first weeks of weaning so I haven’t got too much to blog about just yet but its a slow process and thankfully so far a successful one for us.

I get her weighed once a month to make sure I am doing everything right and she is growing normally.


I think its safe to say shes one happy baby girl!


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