A look back

I take so many pictures of Ava I do tend to lose track of how old she in certain ones. I constantly look back through them when i’m relaxing or if shes not with me so this post is a little reminiscing of the past 6 1/2 months. As every mommy knows there is nothing better than looking back through the pictures of your babies life from newborn.



The day my life changed forever.


1 Month Old

We started to get little smiles, She was sleeping better, feeding better, getting more beautiful by the minute.


2 Months Old

She was smiling loads now, having a bottle as well as breast feeding, sleeping in her Moses basket, becoming engaged with her toys


3 Months Old

She was laughing, enjoying tummy time, playing with her toys and enjoying it when we helped, no longer having a bottle but feeding off me well, sleeping through the night


4 Months Old

She was sleeping through, playing on her own with certain toys, feeding less off me, attempting to roll to her side, laughing at silly faces we make at her, enjoying watching Christmas lights,


5 Months Old

My stunning little princess is now rolling over, all over the room. Started to wean on baby porridge, sleeping in her own room in her big girl cot, playing independently. making the most beautiful laughing noises at mommy and daddy. Teething badly!


6 Months Old

We now have a rolling, teething, weaning baby girl. She is now enjoying different vegetables and porridge. Rolling everywhere, Sleeping through the night with out her usual once a night wake up, napping less during the day, laughing and smiling without much silliness from anyone encouraging her, she has her first tooth, sitting up alone.

How time flies! It feels like 5 minutes ago I was sat in hospital being mesmerized by her actually being in my arms and not inside my stomach anymore. And now shes near enough 7 months old. In no time at all I will be planning her first birthday. It is the most bitter sweet thing watching your baby grow up so quickly you want them to be that tiny newborn forever but you then cannot wait to watch them grow and grow to see what type of person they become and to watch them hit all the mile stones.

I have already filled photo albums of her life so far so years from now we can always sit together and reminisce as I think pictures are one of the most important things you should keep forever!


Happy growing beautiful baby girl. I cannot wait to see you grow and promise to fill your life with love and happiness.


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