What is in my changing bag?

As any mommy will know once you have your baby the one thing you have to constantly carry around with you is the nappy bag.

These are the essentials that I always carry in mine wherever me and Ava go.


The essential baby changing mat. They usually come with the changing bag! I always use this when I am changing Ava in any public bathroom because you never know how clean them fold out changing tables are! I also always use this whenever I am changing her at anyone else’s house in case she decides she wants to wee after her nappy is off!


Wipes. Nappy Bags. Nappy’s

I am constantly stocking up my bag with these! I have before forgotten to and gone to change her and realizing I am out of nappy;s or wipes! nightmare. I always try to remind myself to stock up each night now to make sure I am always prepared!


I always make sure I have a few bibs for feeding time! and as we are in the winter period I have a hat and gloves ready in case we go out and it gets a bit cold! Obviously in summer I will swap these for more summery accessories for her!


A spare outfit. A MUST! I never put it past Ava to ruin her outfit with food or sick so I always have a spare outfit with me. As a newborn I carried a few baby grows and vests as she constantly ruined outfits but now she is bigger she doesn’t tend to do this often but you should always be prepared just in case!


I have my breast feeding cover so I can always feed her discreetly and comfortably if I am out and about. And a muslin cloth for sick! Again I got through a lot of these a day when she was newborn but I tend to use just one a day now shes nearly 7 months


Nappy rash cream that I have used probably 3 times since she has been born, but always like to have it just in case! A hair brush obviously to keep her hair tidy. Sudocrem well because you always need Sudocrem. Calgel – my favorite teething gel to help her sooth teething pains. And Nail clippers so when she falls asleep I can sneakily cut her nails that seem to grow back daily!


Toys! I always carry a few small toys in my bag to entertain her whilst we are out. She does have a toy bag I take out when I am going to somebody’s house but if i’m shopping or out to eat I just bring small essential toys I know she will keep occupied playing with rather than bringing her whole toy box.


And Lastly some little things for mommy on the go. My all time favorite, cant live without lip balm! I have used this for years and cannot last a day if i don’t have one with me! and also hand moisturizer as I have major OCD about having dry hands. You will probably also find a random lipstick I put in the side pocket.

Now she is on baby food I have bought her a little lunchbox I carry with me with her pots of food, a bowl, a spoon and her sippy cup! All pink and disney princess because well why not she is my little princess after all 🙂

These are just a few essentials I think all mommy’s should have within their bags! I have probably missed a few items out and obviously there are a million different products mommy’s use but these are the best ones me and Ava get by day to day using!


Queen of our castle


Just to add… This is how I look when I am breast feeding with my cover. I absolutely love it. I always look at peoples reactions in restaurants whenever I am using this and they come over to the table and I have never noticed anyone feel uncomfortable or awkward. So for mom’s who like to feel discreet and confident breast feeding out and about I would recommend getting one!



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