Mommy Make-up

Well, I am no make up artist by any means! I just wear your average day to day stuff to make look remotely awake now I am a mommy. I have a few essentials that I wear when I can actually be bothered to put make up on or I have time to make the effort. I do love to experiment with make up but lets face it… The only time I have to myself to do this is after Ava’s bed time by which point I want to tidy up and get to bed myself!

First, if I am not going anywhere or I am just popping out to the shop or something small I just wear tinted moisturizer. I find it makes my skin look smoother, fresher and brighter. I don’t look as rough as I would without no make up but I don’t look like I’ve got hardly anything on. Perfect for having lazy days but not wanting to feel totally vile!


If I decide or should I say if Ava decides I am going to have the time to actually do my make up I prefer the less is more look rather than piling it all on. I like a natural look, I find I feel much more comfortable with natural make up rather than plastering my face

My essentials are:


I love this foundation, It goes on really smooth and lasts for ages!


This is probably my most important and essential piece of make up! I have the worst bags under my eyes as you can imagine! This little beauty covers them really well! I often wear this without anything else to cover under my eyes on a daily basis! It also lasts me months


This is the powder I use after I have applied my foundation and concealer. I dab it over all my face to stop any shine! Really smooth and leaves my skin looking smooth and clear.

This is probably one of the cheapest blushers you can buy but to me its the best one I’ve ever used! I have tried expensive ones but this is the only one that I have found you can actually notice! Bargain.


This mascara is also a cheaper brand of make up and again my all time favorite mascara. Like I said before I like the minimal natural look so this mascara gives me a good amount of lash extension without making me look like i’m going on a night out.


This is the eyebrow kit I use, I used to use a pencil but moved onto powder and I love it! I mix between the darkest shade and the middle shade to make them both match! Honestly I doubt my eyebrows ever fully match as this is the last thing I do to finish my make up and by this point Ava is fed up of not having my attention unless daddy is looking after her!


I do like not looking like I have a lot of make up on but I do like my lips to look fuller so I use a lip liner most days! I change color’s depending on what I feel each day but I mostly use a pink or nude!


And finally the lipstick – M U A matte lipstick is always a winner and at £1 a stick you cannot argue. This is a daily user to finish off my make up. They last for ages and don’t look too over the top!


I use this highlighter to finish off my make up, I put it under my eyebrows, down the center of my nose, in the corners or my eyes, on the top of both my cheek bones. Always makes my eyebrows look neater than they actually are!

This probably looks like I wear loads of different products but in actual fact it takes me no longer than 15 minutes to have my make up finished. And I don’t look like i’m wearing too much or not enough I believe for me its a good balance for a day to day mommy look!


If I am feeling really adventurous I do try out a bit of contouring now and again. I don’t do it often but I do like the look of it once its done. I mainly do my nose and cheek bones I don’t bother to do anything else unless I am going on a night out. I do have days when I want to feel nicer and days when I cant be bothered but I do occasionally experiment with this palette.

Like I said I am far from a make up artist. I could easily spend money on expensive brands and different types of make up but obviously being a mommy I would much rather spend my money on my  beautiful baby and stick to my cheaper, reliable and still decent make up products I use.

Every mom deserves to feel good about themselves once they have had children as it is hard to find the time and energy to do this but you can always do it without much time consumption and money spent. I often sit on the floor whilst Ava plays with a mirror balancing between my legs whilst I do my face up and entertain her at the same time!



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