Weaning adventures

So as Ava has now turned 6 months the weaning process has begun which I am very excited about. We decided we did not want to give her any ready made baby food so I am going to be making it all myself apart from the porridge we give her. I cannot wait to experiment with different combinations as she gets used to the food more.

As I have had on going issues with Ava having a bottle we actually started the weaning process a few weeks before she turned 6 months. We started with just giving her baby porridge, she took to this a lot better than I thought she would. I started by just giving her the original porridge and did this just in the mornings for a week or two to get her stomach used to something other than milk.


As she got used to the taste and the texture I introduced different flavor’s of the porridge to her, The only one I didn’t really like to give her was the ones you have to make with milk as I find they are not as smooth as the ones you make with water but I like to offer her different flavors on different days so she can learn to taste different flavors.

         3274081.jpg  IDShot_540x540images

Now that she is used to her breakfast porridge I started to introduce sweet potato. She did not like the taste at first it took a few days for her to start to enjoy it but now shes in a great routine of having porridge for breakfast and having sweet potato + Broccoli and Coli flower for lunch. I am still in the early stages of introducing food slowly as her stomach is still learning how to digest it properly as I obviously don’t want her to get tummy ache but its going very well. I also sneak in her bottle (well sippy cup filled with milk) which is still such a slow process but shes not completely refusing it if shes in a good mood so its better than nothing for the time being. It will still be an extremely long time before I get any real time for myself but as long as my baby is happy, healthy and growing amazingly then I can sacrifice any time to myself  for another few months.


I wanted to at first just give her different combinations of vegetables before I introduce fruit as I don’t want her to get used to the sugar from fruit and then refuse the veg. I am going to start to give her some banana with her breakfast and as I introduce an evening meal I will add fruit to that also. Its such a exciting process watching her reaction to new flavors and I have a feeling she is going to be a big greedy guts!




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