The teething war

We are officially in the war of teething, it started a few months ago but is now getting worse as I can see the bottom 2 about to come through any day now. Any mommy would agree seeing your baby crying in pain is the worst feeling in the world and we try to do whatever we can to sooth the pain. Obviously she chews everything she can get her hands on, toys, phones, fabric absolutely anything in her reach. Most days she can deal with it and just had little cries here and there but then we have times when she is grumpy and sobbing all day. Its extremely hard work having a grumpy baby and breaks my heart.

My number 1 teething comforter recommendation is of course Sophie the giraffe! Ava loves it, She will always reach out and grab it out of all of her toys. I find that its easier for babies to chew on as she can get different legs in her mouth or its head without too much confusion. Every mommy needs a Sophie the giraffe when getting ready to have a baby!




We seem to have the best results using this gel, She feels better as soon as I’ve rubbed it into her gums so I use this most of the time. 


This one I also use a lot, I don’t think this gel numbs her gums as fast as Calgel but she loves the taste of this one and she seems happier once shes had it


I was advised to try out amber beads, I was not comfortable with her wearing the necklace version so I got her the ankle bracelet. Honestly I don’t know if these helped her or not so I have not continued putting this on her but it is definitely worth trying I know lots of moms have had success from them. 


Ava had this as a Christmas gift and she loves it, I would recommend this because its really easy for her to keep hold of and chew without constantly dropping it


We tried this powder also, she seemed to warm to is after I used it a few times but I was reluctant to use it every day so slowly stopped but It did sooth her 


Good old fashioned fridge teething rings! Always manage to calm Ava down once she starts chewing these when they are nice and cold out the fridge. I guarantee pretty much every parent has at least one of these in their fridge. 

Obviously every baby reacts differently to different products, These are just a few tips that are helping me through the journey of having a teething baby! We always use the original Calpol as well (sugar free). We have recently thought about giving Ava a dummy to try and help her, I have read that giving her one may also help her with feeding from a bottle. But we have always been against giving her one and have gone 6 months without so I think for us we are going to stick to our decision of not giving her a dummy and powering through with the products we already have. But a dummy is a great soother and teething helper and if it did get to the point where she was just in pain all the time I would definitely reconsider giving her one.




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