Stop for a moment

So, at around 8 months pregnant I started to become a huge clean freak. I cannot function well in a messy house! The first week or 2 of Ava being born I struggled getting around the house and standing up for long periods of time so Anthony was on duty but I couldn’t wait to be able to start doing it again. Now whenever Ava falls asleep on me after a feed I put her straight into her cot so I can either shower and get ready, wash up, wash clothes, hoover, polish all the desperate housewife duties. But I really need to just stop for a moment and really enjoy the moments with her snuggling on my chest to sleep because soon enough she will grow too big to do that anymore. Soon she will stop feeding from me and wont use me as a comforter as much anymore.

I never want to look back and regret not cuddling or just enjoying sitting on the sofa with her on me because I was too crazy about keeping the house tidy. I need to just let everything else wait and enjoy my baby wanting to sleep on my chest or just have a sleepy cuddle before she has a nap. The best photo’s I love of her is when she was tiny and slept all day on me and her daddy. We always said we cannot wait to watch her grow up and do more than just sleep but now I miss that so much.


I know she will always cuddle me and need me because I am her mommy but shes only a baby once so I am going to make sure I snuggle with her any chance I get because after all shes already growing so fast





3 thoughts on “Stop for a moment

  1. senadoll says:

    Just remind yourself that whatever you feel like doing at any given moment is what you’re supposed to be doing. Women, especially mothers, put so much pressure on themselves, but we’re all programmed differently. I say if a clean house gives you more pleasure than a few extra minutes of cuddling with your little one, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t make you a bad mother and you’re not missing anything.

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  2. Neikie says:

    My baby hated cuddling since he was born, so much that he didn’t want to be breastfed. (I ended up expressing milk for a year). He started ne new habit in the evening where he climbs on top of me and fall asleep. I love this so much because I never excperience this when he was a newborn. The best is when he puts his little arms around my neck.
    My 11 year old daughter still loves to lie against me and fall asleep while we watch tv. You never know, you might get cuddles from your baby girl for many years to come.
    Enjoy every moment


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