Play Time

For the first 0-3 months of Ava’s life I lived for using her baby swing. When she was first born she was too small to fit into it properly so we had to fold a blanket first them place her in the middle. As she grew bigger she was able to play with the hanging toys and enjoy it. It was so useful I always put her into it whilst I showered or tidied up because I knew she couldn’t go anywhere and she was safe and happy. I also found that if she was having a day where she hadn’t poo’d this always helped. I never liked her not doing at least one poo a day because I worried she would have a tummy pains. (Mom tip). 


Then we moved on to the baby gym, We at first had a small one given to her as a present which she loved. She at first lay there and we had to play with the toys to show her, but again i used to be able to lie her on it and she would happily stay there whilst I popped into the other room to get a drink or something. As she got bigger we bought her a larger baby gym which came with a tummy time pillow. She absolutely loved this, all the different toys for her to play with and move around with, and the tummy time pillow really helped her to get used to being on her tummy. Also it was a really fun way for me and Anthony to play with her and teach her how to play with the different toys. As she approached the 6 month mark we took away the 2 bars from the top of the gym and spread the toys out around her to try and teach her how to roll which worked like a dream. As soon as she realized she needed to move to reach her toys she started to roll and is now rolling all over the living room 🙂


Her first baby gym  


Her tummy time pillow 


Her bigger gym she loved


We also bought her this, it helped her to sit up and she used to take her naps on it throughout the day

Now she is 6 months, her Christmas present from her Grandma and Grandpa was her jumperoo. Best gift she has had! she absolutely loves it, her legs are becoming so strong from it, I watch her all the time concentrating on each toy I can see her thinking how shes going to fit it in her mouth (teething baby) she can entertain herself in it for ages playing with different parts and watching the lights. Biggest recommendation for 6 months + babies.






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