Rolling in her sleep nightmare

So I now have a beautiful 6 month baby girl on my hands. Current updates are

Smiling + Laughing a lot

Babbling all day everyday

Playing with all her toys independently

Weaning slowly (Updates coming)

Sleeping in her own room in her cot

Sitting up (not fully with balance yet)

and Rolling over all over any room she is in


HOWEVER: I am now facing one of my first major worries with her. She is now rolling onto her front in her sleep… now as soon as I look at the camera and see her on her front all I can see is her face buried into the mattress and  I immediately freak out and have to go upstairs and check on her. I of course then disturb her as she was just sleeping the way she feels comfortable. Now I have gotten advice from a few mother’s I know and they have all told me that she is absolutely fine, she is built to know not to make herself stop breathing and that I need to relax but I cant seem to!

If any mother reading this has any advice for me on how to cope as I don’t think I am the only mom who has freaked out over this. Please leave comments below as they are all extremely appreciated 🙂 


I CANNOT cope with this 😦 


2 thoughts on “Rolling in her sleep nightmare

  1. thereindeerchronicles says:

    Aargh, I feel your worry! Our son is also six months old and does the same thing causing the same worry. Our health visitor was really helpful, getting me to relax and realise that if he’s in trouble he’ll let us know.
    Try watching on the monitor for 5 minutes before going in then check she’s OK without moving her. If she’s still on her tummy 10 minutes later, go check again without moving her. Keep that up, gradually increasing the intervals, as it will reassure you she’s OK and give you a bit more confidence.
    It took a few days before I felt comfortable with him sleeping like that (I still worry a bit – the early back to sleep warning is too well ingrained to ignore) but it’s been about 3 weeks now and we’re all OK. He’s also started making a new noise when he’s stuck/can’t be bothered to roll himself over so I tend to only move him if I hear that.
    Hope this helps!

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    • kayajasminegough says:

      This definitely helps, I struggle to sleep knowing she’s on her front in really trying hard to just let her be because I know she’s okay and comfortable it’s horrible tho! Thank you I will definitely try your tips


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